Chaplain Society


1img_6590Chaplain Society is a group of High school students that come together on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch to pray for the school community, plan games for chapel, oversee Night of Worship Events etc. Read the effects that Chaplain Society has on one of its members below:

I have been apart of Chaplain Society for three years now, and I have to say it is great. The group gives students a chance to experience Christian leadership and to strengthen their relationship with God. Chaplain Society is a huge part of my life. If I never joined, I would be very different from how I am today:

Being a part of it has helped me realize what are really important: God and spreading His word.

Being a part of Chaplain Society has given me strong friendships that would not have come about if I was not a part of this prayer group. Instead of creating cliques, it creates bonds in Christ.  


Through Chaplain Society, I have become more active in the lives of and have become more intentional about teaching/encouraging my peers. Chaplain Society has given me a way to act out my visions: I wanted to spread the Word of God around my school and Chaplain Society gives me a way to do that. For example, now I have the permission and the resources needed to make, print, and post weekly Bible verses around BAIS.

Chaplain Society is made up of students and exists for students. We exist to help and pray for our peers when they need encouragement. We exist to glorify God.