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Issue 18: December 20, 2019

From the Director Dear BAIS Community! I hope and pray that you and your family enjoy the extended break from the routines of school and work during this Christmas Season. I am so thankful for all of the students, parents, and staff that make up this unique community. I pray […]

Issue 17: December 13, 2019

From the Secondary Principal The end of November and all of December have been a blur! It seems like yesterday we were celebrating SEW, American Thanksgiving, and now we are already entering first semester exam week! Secondary students have been preparing diligently to be successful on their final exams. It […]

Art Week

We strongly believe in the importance of arts education here at BAIS and that belief is tied to multiple research studies on the benefits of arts education. We have been blessed with teachers who have created a robust, challenging, and fun art program. Ms. Christensen, our current art teacher, has […]

Issue 16: December 6, 2019

From BAIS Secondary Principal In the United States, the Thanksgiving holiday was on November 28. Many within our community enjoyed celebrating with families and friends focusing on what we are thankful for during this special season. For the last few weeks in the staff room, teachers and staff have been […]

Issue 15: November 27, 2019

From BAIS Secondary Principal Through interactions with PACE, parent meetings, and other communication, many of you know that next week BAIS is hosting a visiting team for Indonesian SPK accreditation. It was an answered prayer that the accreditation was not scheduled during SEW and the short week of school! This […]

Field Trips

One aspect of our expected student outcomes at BAIS is active learning, and we believe that field trips and service projects are a unique way to achieve active learning. We have it built into our curriculum and encourage teachers to take field trips to enhance learning. We want our students […]

Issue 14: November 22, 2019

From the BAIS Director At times I am amazed at the speed with which the school year passes. One month ago, we were having our first parent teacher conferences, and one month from now we will be celebrating Christmas. While November seems to be flying by, I am thrilled that […]

Issue 13: November 15, 2019

From the Facilities Manager Have you ever wondered how we keep our facilities looking so nice and clean each day, or how we keep our school grounds looking good and green, or how we keep our swimming pool clean and ready to be used? Our BAIS campus sits on about […]