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PE Week

We love physical education at BAIS because of the benefits that it has for our students. Moving and being active is so good for both student’s physical and mental health. It also teaches students things like grit and perseverance. Our PE teacher, Ms. Fulwood answered some questions about physical education […]

Art Week

We strongly believe in the importance of arts education here at BAIS and that belief is tied to multiple research studies on the benefits of arts education. We have been blessed with teachers who have created a robust, challenging, and fun art program. Ms. Christensen, our current art teacher, has […]

Field Trips

One aspect of our expected student outcomes at BAIS is active learning, and we believe that field trips and service projects are a unique way to achieve active learning. We have it built into our curriculum and encourage teachers to take field trips to enhance learning. We want our students […]

Parent Teacher Conferences

At BAIS, we understand that we don’t just teach students, but we partner with parents to help students become responsible and successful adults. There are many different ways we partner with parents. Classroom newsletters for elementary, school and classroom events, and progress reports are some of the ways we work […]

Staff Retreat

If you came to campus on Friday afternoon and Saturday, you did not see teachers working in their classrooms; you saw them playing games, eating, and creating funny skits as part of all the fun of the Staff Retreat. The Staff Retreat is a two day event for staff and […]

Elementary Olympics

What’s better for an elementary student than running around after school playing games with your friends? Not much, which is exactly what our student government thought too. This year STUCO is led by Beltra Chong and Gyeong Min. Their vision for this year’s STUCO, “…is to be the student representatives […]

Never Stop Learning

A goal for BAIS is that the students will become lifelong learners.  BAIS teachers should be lifelong learners too! Many of our teachers model that, and one way is by attending conferences. Two of our teachers took some time to attend conferences this summer and are excited to share what […]