Heritage Fund

A Campaign for Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

Since 1956, Bandung Alliance Intercultural School has been providing students the opportunity to fulfill their potential as servant-leaders in our community and beyond. The school has grown over the years, now fulfilling educational needs for over 150 families annually. Having humble beginnings as a small, American Christian school, the school has grown to its present international stature as one of the top international schools in West Java. Formerly headquartered in Bandung city, the transition to a new campus in Kota Baru Parahyangan has afforded the school continued opportunities for growth. Having already committed over one million dollars in campus improvements over the past six years through the development of a state-of-the-art soccer pitch and swimming pool complex, the school has demonstrated its commitment to excellence.

We desire to continue providing the best educational experience our international community has come to demand from us. So it is with a great sense of desire and excitement the school announces the creation of the “Heritage Annual Fund,” BAIS’ campaign to secure the resources necessary to begin phase three of our strategic campus development plan.

“We are asking for your participation in an endeavor which demands not only your financial support, but also your vision and dreams for our great school. It calls for our community to look ahead, beyond what is, to what will be the realization of our dream to complete phase three of our campus development plan which includes a fine arts center, sports complex, and cafeteria. Please consider partnering with us to propel our students with even more opportunities to reach their potential.”
Neil Cantrall

Your Investment

Your giving to the Program Fund will continue the school’s expansion in the following areas:

  • Performing arts
  • Athletics
  • After school clubs

Your giving to the Scholarship Fund plays a crucial part to help meet the needs of: 

  • Students of Christian workers
  • Families with financial needs
  • Talented and bright Indonesian students from low socio-economic backgrounds

Your giving to the Building Fund will allow us to maintain and build new facilities for our students such as:

  • Fine Arts Building
  • Sports Complex
  • Cafeteria and modern kitchen

Your giving to the Professional Fund will enable our staff and teachers to enhance their professional development through:

  • Advanced degrees
  • Conferences
  • Extended professional development classes

Our Goal

BAIS students are a talented, creative, diverse, and driven group of young people. We are extremely proud of them. However, having such outstanding students can pose challenges. Few schools can meet all their needs and even fewer schools are able to challenge them to their fullest potential. In order to do so, the school currently has a expansive program of academic and co-curricular opportunities and we are consistently striving to uphold our standards of excellence while we grow. Our goal is to raise $500,000 (+/- 7,000,000,000,00. IDR) for the four areas listed above, by June, 2022.

The capital fund donations will come from corporations, organizations, individuals, BAIS alumni, parents, and friends as diverse in culture and backgrounds as our student body. We look forward to your help in meeting this major challenge.

How to Give

Donations can be made directly to BAIS in Indonesian IDR in cash or by a bank transfer to the Yayasan Bandung Alliance International School CIMB account. For bank transfers, please write on the note the specific fund(s) you are donating to (i.e. note: Scholarship Heritage Fund). Once we have received the funds, we will send you your donations receipt. IDR donations are not eligible for US-IRS tax credit.

Instructions for donations in IDR


Yayasan Sekolah Persekutuan Bandung International
Account No.: 800-133-798-100
Swift Code: BNIAIDJA
Note: Program, Building, Scholarship, or Professional Fund


Please notify the BAIS finance office of the donation.

Email finance@baisedu.org with the following information:

  • Donor Name(s)
  • Donation towards which fund
  • Date of transfer
  • Amount

Donations can be made to BAIS in US dollars through NICS (Network of International Christian Schools). NICS is a registered US charity and does provide a charity receipt for US tax purposes. If donations are made through NICS, no receipt will be provided to the donor from BAIS.

Instructions for donations to BAIS by Direct Deposit and Credit Card through NICS

  • Go to nics.org/donate
  • Choose the amount.
  • Check the box for “Please make my gift monthly” if you choose to donate monthly.
  • For Designation, choose “School Projects.”
  • Select the school project code: “BAIS Heritage Fund (022003)”
  • Donors can use either a credit card or transfers from a US checking account. Recurring donations can be set up to come out of donor’s credit card or checking account on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month.
  • Complete the information and select “Preview” and then complete the last step.
  • The charitable receipt will be issued by NICS

Please notify the BAIS finance office of the donation.

Email finance@baisedu.org with the following information:

  • Donor Name(s)
  • Donation towards which fund
  • Date of transfer
  • Amount
Thank you for your partnership!

Download the Heritage Fund brochure in PDF format: