Week Without Walls


Every year our school does a service project called Week Without Walls (WWW), where students are involved in various community services such as fixing houses, teaching English in local schools, serving at the old age homes, clearing trash from neighborhoods, etc. Unfortunately, because of COVID, we are not able to serve physically this year, but that will not stop us from helping others! There are still great needs, and we would love to help organizations we’ve been partnering with in the past by meeting their needs during this very difficult time.

What’s a serve-a-thon?

A serve-a-thon is an opportunity to serve others in order to raise money to help those in need.

Who is BAIS helping with this money?

BAIS students are invited to join the efforts to raise money for Rumah Cinta Ambu (children’s cancer home) and Panti Jompo Senjarawi (home for the elderly)! All donations will go directly to these two places.

How do I raise money?

You can ask people for donations and/or perform an activity for which you will ask people to sponsor you in. We have provided a suggested list of activities that you can find on the Serve-A-Thon Sponsor List/Log Docs.  but feel free to make your own, change the prices, or just ask for donations! You can add your own ideas in the empty spaces on the spreadsheet. Remember, it’s not required that students perform an activity of service in order to receive a donation; if people want to be generous and just give a free donation, that’s great too! The goal is to serve God and help others during a difficult time. Any contribution will help!

Who should I ask to give donations?

That’s up to you! Think of friends and family who might want to help take care of the elderly and children with cancer. You could ask friends, neighbors, family members, people in your neighborhood or people across the world! It’s OK if people want to donate to this great cause but don’t need to receive an act of service. We are grateful for their generosity!

Steps for Student to Follow:

Step 1

Find someone to ask (in person or virtually are both fine!). We have a sponsor letter for you to use.

Step 2

Tell them about the organization we are going to support financially through our fundraising.

Step 3

To track your progress, use the GlideApp and/or Serve-A-Thon Sponsor List/Log Docs.

Step 4

Save all the money! Turn in the funds raised to BAIS on March 15th at the WWW table in the lobby.

Suggestions for how to Prepare

  • Make sure you can explain who we are helping and why we are helping them
  • Talk with mom and dad about who you could ask for money
  • Ask mom and dad or older siblings to help you talk with people and raise money!
  • Here’s a letter that you can send to your family and friends to sponsor you and help raise money.
Guide to use the GlideApp: https://baiswww2021.glideapp.io/

I’m confused!

That’s OK! Please feel free to contact Mr. Whitehurst (jasonwhitehurst@baisedu.org) or Ms. Hani (hani@baisedu.org or +6281214481338 via WA/Signal/GChat) for help.