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Heritage Annual Fund

Bandung Alliance Intercultural School (BAIS) is growing and we seek your special partnership. Our desire is to continue providing the excellent education and facilities our international community has come to expect from us. So, it is with a great sense of anticipation and excitement that we once again promote our “Heritage Annual Fund.”

This is our campaign to secure the resources necessary to begin phase three of our strategic campus development plan, and fully fund annual campus improvement projects which are overseen by staff, students, and parents.

The newly built, outdoor pavilion stands as a shining example of God’s faithfulness and the result of generous giving from a number of BAIS families. We now seek to make major improvements to our elementary playground, and secondary science lab. These projects will enhance the fantastic learning and growing that happens every day at BAIS.

Your Investment

Elementary Playground

Rp. 550 Juta

  • A fresh, safe space for our children to play and explore is key for our elementary school program at BAIS. While our current playground has served well for many years, we believe it is time to modernize and freshen up the space.
  • Funding is sought to modernize our current play area on the east end of our building
  • Additionally, we aim to develop and build a play structure/area specifically designed for our preschool and kindergarten students.

Secondary Science Lab

Rp. 240 Juta

  • Similar to our playground, our science lab has served us well for many years, but it is time for a facelift.
  • We seek sufficient funding to provide new storage, equipment, and furniture that will modernize the space and inspire our students to further their creativity and exploration in STEM-based courses.

Donations can be made directly to BAIS in Indonesian IDR in cash or by a bank transfer to the Yayasan Bandung Alliance International School CIMB account. For bank transfers, please write on the note the specific fund(s) you are donating to (i.e. note: Scholarship Heritage Fund). Once we have received the funds, we will send you your donations receipt. IDR donations are not eligible for US-IRS tax credit.

Instructions for donations in IDR


Yayasan Sekolah Persekutuan Bandung International
Account No.: 800-133-798-100
Swift Code: BNIAIDJA
Note: Program, Building, Scholarship, or Professional Fund


Please notify the BAIS finance office of the donation.

Email finance@baisedu.org with the following information:

  • Donor Name(s)
  • Donation towards which fund
  • Date of transfer
  • Amount

Donations can be made to BAIS in US dollars through NICS (Network of International Christian Schools). NICS is a registered US charity and does provide a charity receipt for US tax purposes. If donations are made through NICS, no receipt will be provided to the donor from BAIS.

Instructions for donations to BAIS by Direct Deposit and Credit Card through NICS

  • Go to nics.org/donate
  • Choose the amount.
  • Check the box for “Please make my gift monthly” if you choose to donate monthly.
  • For Designation, choose “School Projects.”
  • Select the school project code: “BAIS Heritage Fund (022003)”
  • Donors can use either a credit card or transfers from a US checking account. Recurring donations can be set up to come out of donor’s credit card or checking account on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month.
  • Complete the information and select “Preview” and then complete the last step.
  • The charitable receipt will be issued by NICS

Please notify the BAIS finance office of the donation.

Email finance@baisedu.org with the following information:

  • Donor Name(s)
  • Donation towards which fund
  • Date of transfer
  • Amount


The Heritage Annual Fund is more than just a campaign to raise funds; it is a community-wide event. By working together, we can make BAIS an even better place for our children.

As a non-profit organization, tuition and fees cover daily school operations. Our goal each year is to have a balanced budget. The Heritage Annual Fund allows BAIS to enhance our education programs and facilities with fresh and innovative resources.

We seek to raise 550jt. for the playground upgrades and 240jt. for the science lab.

The Heritage Annual Fund provides additional resources for students above what tuition covers. If you support the mission of BAIS, your giving becomes an investment in our children to fulfill the goal of providing an excellent education for life, and to continue to build upon it.

Any amount given will leave a legacy as we work together to provide an excellent environment and learning experience for our children. Donors who would like to give towards annual or future projects will be recognized based on the following levels of giving: 

  • Legacy Club: Less than 2jt 
  • Century Club: 2-13jt
  • Millennium Club: 14-69jt
  • Blue and Gray Club: 70-144jt
  • Scholar’s Club: 145-249jt
  • Eagle Club: 250-699jt
  • Heritage Club: 700jt or more
Thank you for your partnership!