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Elementary classes will use the following schedule during Home and Online Learning. The goal is to provide a comprehensive school day for each student, while keeping in mind age-appropriate workloads and monitoring time spent on screens. During Homeroom times, teachers will create schedules for whole class meets, one-on-one meets, and independent learning times. 

*LE = Lower Elementary (Prek-2nd Grade)

**UE = Upper Elementary (3rd Grade-5th Grade)


  • Some teachers will utilize Schoology or SeeSaw for content-delivery, assignment submission, and daily activities
  • Teachers will use Google Meet or Zoom for video communication. 
  • Learning will align with grade-level standards and subjects
  • Learning activities may include
    • review and practice of content already learned
    • engaging in new learning in the curriculum
    • practicing, discussing, and engaging with new concepts
  • Assignments will balance activities needing technology with paper/pencil work to provide variety and keep screen time to manageable levels.
  • ELD, Mandarin, and Indonesian teachers will serve students four times per week; check their Schoology pages for details about assignments and class meetings. Daily meetings and work time will remain under 30 or 40 minutes for LE and UE, respectively.
  • Indonesian Civics and Survey will follow the regular schedule of one lesson per week.
  • Counseling services are available. Our counselor, Ms. Martin can be reached at hayleymartin@baisedu.org


  • Resource packets are to only be picked up between 8am-3pm each Monday. They will include work for the upcoming five days of school (Tuesday through following Monday)
  • Late Start: Every Wednesday, teachers will participate in professional learning communities or committee meetings, so school will not begin until 8:35am. 
  • 8:00am – deadline for teachers to have Schoology updated with daily assignments and/or instructions
  • School operating hours for teachers: 7:45am-3:30pm
  • ELD and foreign languages have lessons either at 10:20am or 12:00pm (regular times for 3rd and 5th periods.

Expectations for Students

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude about online learning
  • Be prepared and ready for each meeting in appropriate attire, not having just gotten out of bed
  • Behave respectfully, following all guidelines, just as in a classroom
  • Check PowerSchool Learning each morning for assignments
  • Demonstrate digital citizenship
  • Demonstrate age-level appropriate independence while learning 
  • When confused, respect others’ time.  Re-read, try again, and then ask for help 
  • Attend daily class meetings and/or one-on-one sessions with teachers as required, or be marked absent
  • Complete work by deadlines and return work to the teacher as required

Expectations for Families

  • Pick-up packet of resources between 8am and 3pm each Monday.
  • Assist your child as needed without doing the work for them
  • Provide space, time, and digital resources for successful learning
  • Communicate technology concerns to teachers immediately
  • Support teachers
  • Do not work ahead. Follow teacher instructions as they may differ from what is seen in the text.
  • Balance expectations with the reality of this unusual situation 
  • Follow routine and schedules to facilitate learning
  • Encourage students to work with excellence 
  • Encourage ‘real life’ learning opportunities
  • Help students maintain a healthy lifestyle 
  • Ensure the availability of a strong, reliable internet connection
  • Communicate concerns, questions, and successes with teachers

Expectations for Teachers

  • Demonstrate professionalism, timeliness, and clarity in all learning interactions
  • Daily video calls provided by homeroom teachers
  • Post all learning activities on Schoology or SeeSaw before 8:00am daily 
  • Proactively design learning in a way that balances screen-time with non-screen learning
  • Be available for student/parent communication during regular working hours
  • Live classes must occur between 7:45am-3:00pm
  • Provide one-on-one calls as needed within normal school hours for assessments or extra support
  • Provide instruction aligned with BAIS standards, striving to include content from all core subjects throughout the quarter (but not necessarily all at the same time)
  • Clear, patient, and frequent communication with parents
  • Assign work wisely, keeping in mind grade/age specific needs and expectations

FAQs for Parents and Students

Subject area teachers will provide online learning experiences and instructions using Schoology as the primary platform. SeeSaw will be mainly used by our elementary teachers for assignment submission. Google Meet or Zoom will be used for whole class or individual video conferencing.

Attendance for online classes (including ELD and foreign language) is very important and will be taken daily via Power School for scheduled meetings. If your student does not attend, not only will they miss out on the learning for that day, they will be marked absent. If a student must miss an online meeting, a parent must communicate with the teacher prior to the meeting. The teacher will develop a plan so that the student can catch up on the learning and/or assessments. When teachers identify patterns of missed classes or work, parents will be contacted. If the situation is not resolved, Mr. Cantrall will be notified. Please communicate with your child’s teacher if you have specific needs or circumstances that prevent your child from adhering to the aforementioned expectations.

Please prioritize internet access for your students. If home internet access is interrupted, perhaps online cellular hotspots can be used. If that is not an option, the student or parent is required to communicate with the teacher.

Parents are asked to provide structure, routine, supervision of learning activities, and an environment conducive to learning in the home. Allow for your students to do their best and make mistakes – some of the best learning happens through this process. It is imperative that you refrain doing your child’s work for him/her as this will impede the learning process. It’s acceptable for students to work for a while, play or take a break, and continue working later.

Make sure your child is active each day! It is strongly recommended that learning activities are completed in “public” spaces in the home where computers or tablets or phones can be viewed to keep students on task. If possible, encourage students working in more private spaces to keep doors open. You can help your child by providing an encouraging and supportive environment.

It is also very important to demonstrate support of teacher decisions. Always know you can reach out to your child’s teacher with questions or concerns.

Please contact our IT Department via email: it@baisedu.org or you can WhatsApp our IT Director. 

Students will be assessed on as many report card standards as possible. Special circumstances may call for some standards/grades to be left blank. Formative assessments will occur throughout the week, while summative assessments will be given as the teacher is able. If no work is submitted by the student in a particular area, or sufficient evidence is unable to be obtained by the teacher, the standard will be left blank in the progress report.


Specials teachers will provide weekly learning opportunities for our Pre-K through elementary students. Similar to core classes, students are expected to participate in specials classes while online. Specials teachers will assign grades on report cards based on a student’s achievement and growth in each assessed standard. If parents decide due to certain circumstances not to have their child participate in a specials class while distance learning is in effect, they must inform the teacher, as well as the student’s homeroom teacher, and report card standards will be left blank. Students whose parents opt them out of these courses must keep their decision for the duration of the quarter.

Both ELD and Foreign Language classes will provide online instruction four times per week for 30-40 minutes per day

  • ELD will provide a blend of instruction in reading, writing, speaking, or listening, based on the regular ELD curriculum which will also support students in what they are learning in their core English Language Arts lessons.
  • Foreign language and ELD teachers will facilitate lessons with their students using Schoology to communicate. Language teachers will aim for the target of 30-40 minutes total class/work time per day.

Our counselor, Ms. Martin (hayleymartin@baisedu.org) can be contacted for social/emotional counseling needs.