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BAIS Buzz, March 15th, 2024

BAIS Drama Performance

Congratulations on a fabulous opening night!

The MPR doors open at 5:30. Concession tables will be in the lobby. Please do not bring food into the MPR, as eating during the production distracts other audience members. 

We will also perform at the Cornerstone Auditorium in Bandung on March 23rd at 3:00 PM. Please invite your friends and family members as we prepare for our first performance outside of the BAIS campus. 

Note to Parents: A couple of our scenes involve witch-like characters who look and sound evil and scary. In one scene, they walk through the audience. You may want to prepare your child and remind them that these are just student performers.

Note about flower bouquets: Please feel free to bring flower bouquets for your favorite performers. But please do not have any lilies in the bouquets, as Ms. LaMertha is highly allergic to lilies. If your bouquet does have lilies, please leave it in your car and give it to your favorite performer after the production.            Thank you.  

Link to purchase tickets

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Fourth  Quarter Begins


Drama Presentation – Bandung


Townhall Meeting


Report Cards Go Home


Good Friday Holiday

After School Activities

Dear BAIS Community,

Activity and Club Sign-ups and registrations are ready for Trimester 3; please read the posts for information and the complete the registration form to sign your students up! 



Elementary Math and Science Night

Hello Space Voyagers,

Get ready to embark on a space adventure with our Math and Science Night, scheduled for Tuesday, April 2nd, from 3:30 to 5:30. Brace yourselves for an extraterrestrial experience filled with skits, songs, and math/science stations. We will cap off the cosmic journey with a delightful science-themed snack.

The stellar class that boasts the highest percentage of attendees will be rewarded with a pizza party that’s out of this world. Prepare to be showered with door prizes and participate in a costume contest where we’re on the lookout for the most imaginatively dressed space voyagers. Unleash your creativity and showcase your best outer space attire for a chance to win the coveted title.

Join us for an evening of astronomical fun and learning as we orbit through the cosmos together. We anticipate your presence, so gear up for an event that promises to be truly out of this world!

A Message From The Counselor

Dear BAIS Family,

I hope this message finds you well. I am pleased to provide you with important updates concerning child safety at BAIS.

Bersama ini kami hendak menyampaikan informasi penting mengenai perlindungan anak yang diterapkan di BAIS.

Over the past year, we have diligently worked on establishing a dedicated Child Safety Team. This initiative involved a review of our policies and procedures, and in January, several members of our team attended the Child Safety Training organized by CSPN (Child Safety Protection Network) in Malaysia. The insights gained during this training are invaluable as we continuously strive to enhance the safety measures at BAIS.

Beberapa tahun terakhir ini kami berusaha semaksimal mungkin dalam membentuk tim perlindungan anak. Tim ini meninjau ulang peraturan dan prosedur yang diterapkan di BAIS, dan bulan Januari lalu beberapa anggota tim mengikuti pelatihan yang diadakan oleh CSPN (Child Safety Protection Network) yang berlangsung di Malaysia. Pelatihan tersebut sangat bermanfaat agar kami dapat menerapkan perlindungan anak di BAIS secara maksimal.

The primary objective of the Child Safety Team is to prioritize the safety and well-being of our students. This involves the ongoing evaluation and updating of child safety practices, policies, protocols, and resources. The team is also a point of contact for any child safety concerns that may arise. In the unfortunate event of harm to a child, the Safety Team is committed to responding promptly, providing support not only to the child but also to their parents, siblings, and any other individuals affected.

Tujuan utama dibentuknya tim perlindungan ini adalah untuk mengutamakan keamanan dan kesejahteraan para murid. Hal tersebut melibatkan evaluasi dan terus memperbarui penerapan, prosedur, dan hal penunjang. Tim tersebut juga bertanggung jawab sebagai narahubung dalam kejadian yang mempengaruhi keamanan anak. Jika seorang anak mengalami kejadian yang membahayakan maka tim ini bertanggungjawab untuk menanganinya dengan segera, memberikan dukungan bukan hanya kepada anak tapi juga orangtua dan saudara anak tersebut, juga orang-orang yang terkena imbas kejadian tersebut.

I am pleased to introduce the members of our Child Safety Team: Ms. Martin (School Counselor and Child Safety Coordinator), Mr. Morris (Elementary Principal), Dr. Mayke (School Doctor), Mrs. A. Davis (Learning Support Coordinator), and Pak Hendri (Government Liaison). Additionally, Mr. Julian (School Director) and Pak Chevy (Human Resources and Facilities Manager) provide valuable input on policies and protocols.

Dengan ini kami perkenalkan anggota tim perlindungan anak di BAIS: Ms. Martin (Konseling Sekolah dan Koordinator Perlindungan Anak), Mr. Morris (Kepala Sekolah Elementary), Dr. Mayke (Dokter Sekolah), Mrs. A. Davis (Koordinator Pendukung Pembelajaran), dan Pak Hendri (Dept Pemerintahan). Juga, Mr. Julian (Direktur) dan Pak Chevy (HRD) yang akan memberikan input untuk peraturan dan prosedur.

It is essential to note that the appointment of a designated Child Safety Team does not diminish the commitment of the entire staff to safety. On the contrary, it ensures clarity and consistency so that every staff member is prepared and equipped to address and respond to safety concerns from students or parents in accordance with established policies and protocols.

Penting untuk dipahami bahwa dengan dibentuknya tim ini sama sekali tidak meremehkan komitmen seluruh staf lainnya dalam menjaga perlindungan anak. Sebaliknya tim ini dibentuk untuk memastikan kejelasan dan konsistensi setiap staf telah siap dan dibekali dalam menangani kejadian yang akan mengancam dan melanggar peraturan prosedur yang telah ditetapkan.

To further facilitate communication, we have added the “Student Safety Concern” form on our website, along with access to our comprehensive Child Safety Policy. For your convenience, you can find the Child Safety at BAIS webpage under the “Counseling” tab on the home page.

Untuk memfasilitasi komunikasi yang lebih baik, kami telah menyediakan formulir “Student Safety Concern” di laman BAIS, disertai “Child Safety Policy” yang lebih lengkap. Anda dapat menemukan halaman laman Child Safety at BAIS dalam kolom “Counseling.”

Our overarching goal as a Child Safety Team is to create an environment where students can learn and grow—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—with the utmost commitment to safety. Should you have any child safety concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Hayley Martin, or any member of the Child Safety Team.

Tujuan utama tim ini dibentuk adalah demi terciptanya lingkungan yang benar-benar aman bagi siswa untuk belajar dan bertumbuh- fisik, emosi, dan rohani. Jika Anda memiliki hal mengenai perlindungan dan keamanan anak dan  ingin disampaikan kepada kami, silahkan menghubungi saya, Ms. Hayley Martin, atau salah seorang anggota tim ini. 

Thank you for your ongoing support in making BAIS a safe and secure place for our students!

Kami sangat berterima kasih untuk dukungan Anda dan membuat BAUS tempat yang aman bagi putra-putri kita.

Ms. Hayley Martin

School Counselor and Child Safety Coordinator