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BAIS Buzz, October 27th, 2023

Government Liaison Reminder

Hello BAIS Parents,

Here are some friendly reminder about your passports that hopefully will help you plan to avoid hiccups:

  • Frequently check your passport expiry dates for you and your family and the amount of visa pages left.
  • For LIMITED STAY VISA or KITAS renewal, you MUST have at least 18 months passport validity to get your KITAS approved or renewed. When your passport visa pages have six pages left or the validity is close to the minimum window, don’t wait; go visit your local embassy in Jakarta as early as you can.
  • After you get your new passport, sign it in the designated area, scan, and then save it to your drive/mobile device before you send it to the immigration office to get it registered. Skipping this will cause you to not be able to travel outside of the country. 
  • The process term that is used in local immigration is called “Register Paspor Baru”. Coordinate with your sponsor/agent or you can personally directly apply for it at the local immigration office  where you are registered.
  • It is wise to bind your new passport with your old one when you have another country’s visa in the old passport.


Hopefully you find this information helpful!


Hendri Simanjuntak
Government Liaison

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AP Invoices were sent out last week; please see your baisedu.family email for the invoice. Registration payments need to be received by November 10, 2023.

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