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From the BAIS Secondary Principal’s Desk

Dear BAIS Community,

This year;s theme in chapel has been “Growing Together” and Mr. Whitehurst has recently been teaching our students our five key spiritual disciplines in order to grow and stretch our faith. At our last chapel he taught us about fasting, prayer, and journaling. Last year, BAIS secondary teachers sat down a few times to narrow what our key values are in the secondary school. Interestingly, we landed on being firmly rooted in scripture, growing together in an abiding faith, and being joyful. During a recent faculty meeting, secondary teachers collaborated together to grow and improve. It was an authentic, growing together moment!

The building blocks of what teachers do stem from their unit plans and their lesson plans. Next to a teacher’s ability, educational researcher, Dr. Robert Marzano, has demonstrated that the curriculum is the second key factor in student achievement. Unit plans and lesson plans are a part of the written curriculum – they are very important! During collaboration time on Wednesday, we identified a few key factors of a good lesson plan. Some of these characteristics included:

  • The lesson is engaging
  • The teacher communicates clear instructions and expectations
  • The content and skills are connected to standards
  • There are hands-on opportunities or opportunities for critical thinking and analysis
  • An accurate assessment tool is used to measure student learning and to direct the next steps for the teacher

Once we had identified these key factors, teachers formed small groups. One teacher shared their lesson plan and explained what was going to happen during a 50 minutes lesson. Their partner was then able to think and reflect on the lesson and offer some suggestions to improve the lesson based on the five key factors. Our teachers were positive, caring, empathetic, constructively critical, and excited to take those suggestions and make their plan better.

This was a great example of how our secondary teachers are growing together. I am proud to lead this group of professionals who care deeply for their students and strive to continually grow and excel in their craft. When you think about your role as a parent,you really are a teacher. Teaching is an art and a science, and whether you are in your first year of teaching or in your thirtieth, we can all continue to learn and improve. We can all grow together!

Mr. Jeremy Thomas
Secondary Principal

BAIS is looking to hire an experienced Marketing, Public Relations & Social Media Manager. If you know a qualified individual who would be interested, please call or email Mark Boccaccio at markboccaccio@baisedu.org

The PE Waiver for Soccer IISSAC is due to Ms. Hall or Ibu Leony at 3:30pm on Friday, November 17th for it to count as a PE credit towards your graduation requirements. Please see Ms. Hall if you have questions.

The Christmas Concert

December 8, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Dress Rehearsal Schedules:

  • December 5 2017
    • 2:45pm – 4:30pm
  • December 6, 2017
    • Elementary – 3rd and 4th period
    • Middle School – 2nd period
    • High School – 1st period

Attire: A white top and a black bottom

  • Boys: A white top and black pants
  • Girls: A white and black skirt and black stocking (leggings, tights)
  • Shoes: Dark Color

If you have any questions or concerns, please see me during the parent-teacher conference.

Ms. Kim

BAIS Battle of the Books

The BAIS Battle of the Books Team will travel to Mountainview School next Friday to compete in their yearly competition. They have worked hard this year, and we wish them well as they compete. Our team members include:

Daniel Nix, Jonathan Lee, Rachel Nielsen, Jae Ha Jung, and Tilly McCulloch

Please give them a high five or a word of encouragement this week!

Get ready for Network November this week! We are celebrating #nicsmiddleschool on November 13th and #nicscommunity on November 19th. We want to see your pictures! Don’t forget to also tag #nicsschools and #baisedu on any photo displaying BAIS students and staff. Happy Sharing!

Permata Bali Children’s Home

Are you thankful for all that you have? Do you have so much you don’t need it all? Consider donating to Permata Bali Children’s Home!

Most needed:

  • Play clothes and school clothes
  • Children’s and youth’s sizes -shoes, especially black shoes which can be worn to public school.

Both gently used and new will be accepted. Please bring items during SEW (not before, thanks!) to the front office. Teachers will deliver the donations to Permata Bali Children’s Home over Thanksgiving break weekend.

Also: Especially if you have no clothes or shoes to donate, please consider an upcoming opportunity to bless the children of Permata Bali Children’s Home: The Angel Tree gift donation! We want to send Christmas gifts to each child/youth at the orphanage and we need sponsors who are willing to buy gifts and wrap them to be sent for Christmas!

Please check in the BAIS Buzz next week for details.

Ms. Jana Dickman

Drama Filming: Scene One

Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 9am to 5pm

Bring you lunch. If we finish before 5pm, we will clean up and leave early. 

Where: MPR

Who: Film Crew, Sound/ Lighting Crew, and Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, and Toto

Who does not need to be there: The Munchkins, Ozma, and the White Rabbit

Ms. Beth LaMertha
Drama Coordinator

Secondary Honor Roll

A Honor Roll

Middle School

Budijono, Melissa
Chandean, Sherine
Gunaman, Angel
Jeong, Hayeon
Jung, Jaeha
Kim, Lydia
Kusmana, Stephanny
Lee, Karen
Nielsen, Rachel
Oh, Jeong Won
Park, Eunpyo
Park, Ji Hyeon
Sung, Yulim
Suwandi, Mischka
Tantowi, Clarine
Tanu, Josephine
Thomas, Kai

High School

Boccaccio, Annelise
Chandean, Valerie
Chun, Bethany
Darmamulia, Daniel
Gunthorpe, Oliver
Hartono, Jessica
Heo, Jang Hun
Hirianto, Jessica
Hirianto, Samantha
Hong, Jun Seon
Jeong, Haram
Jung, Heemin
Kartarahardja, Devlin
Kim, Josiah
Ko, Kevin
Kwon, Gyeong Min
Lee, Dong Jun


Lee, Sung Chun
Limandibhratha, Sergio
Lin, Ruizhi
Muljadi, Crystal
Nielsen, Emily
Nix, Daniel
Noh, Hamin
Primandaru, Rio
Sastra, Jason
Seo, Joo In
Shin, Jane
Sinaga, Kathlyn
Son, Gyu Ha
Sutandi, Lukas
Tanudjaja, Tivara
Tjut, Bryan
Walker, Paul
Wiarta, Fedeline

B Honor Roll

Middle School

Baig, Rayhan
Beintema, Sandor
Hallatu, Maelgwyn
Hartono, Michael
Kang, Junha
Kurniawan, Raphael
Lee, Sangwha
Lo, Fallon
McCulloch, Talitha
Nam, SangYun
Purnomo, Moreno
Seo, Minwoo
Sinaga, Odelyn
Sutandi, Hanna
Tanudjaja, Thaniel
Tedjasukmana, Ralf
Willson, Tori
Willson, Tyler
Woo, Huiso

High School

Astian, Haydn
Byun, Da Ae
Chandean, Beltra
Kim, Woo Hyun
Ko, Kirstie
Lee, Sung Ha
Lukmanjaya, Wilson
Madeline, Jane
Purnomo, Audy
Sastra, Vincent
Sinaga, Deo


Sugono, Andrew
Tantowi, Chloe
Tenandar, Jordan
Thomas, Ezra
Tanu, Angelia
Victoria, Kyla
Widjaya, Ivanna
Winesa, Guinevere
Yurianto, Emily

Athletics & Club News

Campus Events

  • Saturday, Nov. 11th, BAIS will host a Swimming Invitational. Please join our community in supporting our swimmers.
  • Volunteers are still needed. Please contact Pak Henry or the Athletic Department.

Secondary Activities

  • TWO new IISSAC sports have started: Basketball and Cross Country!
  • A cross country interest meeting and first practice will be Monday, November 13th at 3:45!
  • Basketball tryouts were held this week. Congratulations to our 2017-18 Basketball Teams!
  • Battle of the Books will travel to Mountainview for a BoB competition on Nov. 17-18th.
  • Model United Nations will compete in Jakarta, Nov. 22-24th.

Elementary Clubs/Activities

  • A new season of after school clubs and activities started this week.
  • Thanks to all the club sponsors willing to sacrifice their time to serve our community.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Mr. Justin Powers
Athletic Director

Download the full issue as PDF: Issue 14: 10 November, 2017 – English