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Issue 14: November 11th, 2022

From the Director

Dear BAIS Family, 

I want to just take a moment and update you on where we are at with some of the projects going on at school. 

TK Playground

The playground equipment for our new TK playground is here! We are currently in the final stages of preparing the area for installation. Our goal is to be finished with this preparation work by the end of November. PlayPoint will then send a team to install the equipment. Our hope is to have the playground ready for use before the Christmas break. Stay tuned as we will be sending out invitations for a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration. 

Science Lab Upgrade

Our plan is to update our Chemistry/Biology science lab over the Christmas Break. Our goal is to modernize the space and make it more usable for hands-on experimentation while being usable for classroom use as well. We are looking to install six purpose built lab stations that will seat four students each to allow for collaboration and engagement. 

Curriculum Review – Science and Fine Arts

Our curriculum review committees have been meeting throughout the semester to establish hallmarks that will lead the curriculum review cycle and have just finished evaluating the standards. They are now working toward identifying resources and textbooks that will help us to reach our goals for the programs. Next semester, we will be excited to share with you the changes that we will be making as we seek to provide both high quality and transformative education for our children.  

Public Announcement (PA) System

Finally, over the Christmas break, we will also be installing a new PA system. This system will allow us to more easily and effectively make announcements schoolwide or to specific divisions (elementary/secondary). Additionally, it will allow us to retire our bell system as we will be able to use tones to signal the end of classes or other transitions. This was a much needed upgrade as our old PA system was limited in both its range and flexibility limiting our ability to communicate quickly schoolwide. 

Have a blessed weekend!

Travis Julian
Interim Head of School

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Mid Quarter Grades on PS


USA Thanksgiving – NO SCHOOL



SAT Test


Christmas Concert

From the Guidance Counselor

Are you interested in learning more about NUS College the honours college of the National University of Singapore. NUS College blends the distinctive qualities of its predecessors, the University Scholars Programme (USP) and Yale-NUS College, with a commitment to broaden access to exceptional educational experience.

Designed to complement and enhance one’s chosen major in the home college, faculty or school in NUS, our holistic and interdisciplinary education is delivered in small group seminar-style classes. Our curriculum empowers students to be globally-minded problem solvers who are ready to learn across boundaries and collaborate with others to make an impact on the world. With a rich residential life programme and immersive learning, students from diverse faculties converge, grow and learn in an exciting and intellectual community.

 We would like to invite you and your community to join us at our upcoming webinars:

 Title: NUS College Introduction

Date: 12th November 2022

Time: 5.10pm Singapore time

Registration link: https://nus-sg.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_cFhGZHOdTJSx4vjNtRUkHg

Come join us in this immersive business program on 3 – 7 January 2023, where your students can build their own product prototype and pitch them to angel investors for a chance for funding

Limited seats are available! Click here to apply!

Study in Canada Workshop – STAND OUT from the crowd: How to compose an Attention-Grabbing application letter to dream universities and employers

Saturday, 19 November 2022 @9-11am WIB

Upgrade your practical writing skills on how to create a distinguished self-profile applicable in writing personal statement, cover letter and resume.

RSVP: https://www.bit.ly/ceiws-sof


Should your students be interested to have their sample of CV/Resume reviewed as case study during the workshop, after receiving registration confirmation via email they can submit the PDF file in English (max. 1 page) to joseph.gallen@canada-edu.org by the latest Nov 17.

Drama Rehearsal Schedule - Nov 16th, 2022

Act 3 Scene 3 







Tina’s Mother

Mr. Baehr

People Coming for Costuming: 


Mrs. Hummel

Sallie Gardiner



Mrs. Murphy

Extra Ball-goers (Olivia Chong, Esther, Ayden, Karen, & Cherrie)

BAIS Fine Art Dept News


Hi BAIS parents, the poinsettias preorder will be closed on 11 November 2022 and we will wait for the payment until 18 November 2022. If you have not been able to find the link to the google form for the preorder, here it is bit.ly/PoinsettiaBAISXmas. Only poinsettias that have been paid for will be purchased, please make sure you have paid the finance office or paid using the QR code that will be part of the invoice email.

Thank you very much for supporting the Christmas concert!

Best regards,