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What’s better for an elementary student than running around after school playing games with your friends? Not much, which is exactly what our student government thought too. This year STUCO is led by Beltra Chong and Gyeong Min.

Their vision for this year’s STUCO, “…is to be the student representatives of every student in BAIS. STUCO has never held an event that was intended specifically for the elementary students, even when they were the ones who were the most excited for every single event. We saw that the elementary students had a lot of energy, so we wanted to provide them with a fun opportunity to bond with students from different classes in an active environment.

One of our goals as Student Council is to provide an example for future generations in BAIS to not only look towards the high schoolers and middle schoolers, but also recognize that the school spirit includes all of the staff, elementary, and parents too. If we continually push the idea of BAIS being a fun and welcoming home for everyone of every age, it will change how we see our own school.

Everyone worked really hard for this event, from games to permission slips, to decorations, and even to the banners! So much thought and effort was put into this one event. We are really grateful to have such an amazing Student Council team this year.”

And they were right about elementary students enjoying the fun games! Some of their favorite games included: soccer game (Azariah), water fight (Lele), relay race (Samuel, Keziah), line tag (Jane), 3 legged-race (Gwen), dodgeball (Elijah, YeaJin). Keep up the good work STUCCO!

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