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The BAIS Annual Spelling Bee was held on February 24. Students always look forward to this event. What made it even more exciting was that this year we invited two other schools, Al-Irsyad and Cahaya Bangsa, to join us. Several students from both schools participated in the competition. Some of their teachers also got involved by attending planning meetings prior to the spelling bee and serving as judges during the spelling bee. It was a tough competition. The participants were some of the top spellers in their classes. Even when it was time for the challenge round, several students held on for a long time. Emilio Samuel from Cahaya Bangsa was the winner for the grade 1-2 category. His winning word was vacation. BAIS students won the other two categories. For grades 3-4, Kelsey Christensen won with the word travel. Karston Christensen was the winner in the grade 5-6 category with the word metamorphosis. All the participants did very well. A parent from one of the visiting schools said this competition was a good way for the students to sharpen their English skills. The spelling bee provided a great opportunity to interact with people in our community. We look forward to doing it again next year!


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