Issue 02: August 30, 2019

From the Secondary Principal’s Desk

The first full week of school has concluded and there are already great things going on in classrooms pushing students to learn in ways that facilitate growth in our Expected Schoolwide Outcomes (ESO). Bible students have created and presented their testimonies. PE and Health students have reflected on exercise routines and food intake while IISSAC soccer tryouts have already concluded. Physics students have been practicing important lab skills such as taking accurate measurements of the circumference of different items and inferring the consequences of “being a little off.” Third grade students had the privilege of seeing their hard work pay off after petitions, pleas, and interviews with school leadership led to our school bird, Blue, getting a new home called “Blue-ville!”

During chapel this week Mr. Whitehurst challenged our community to “Awaken the Wonder” by getting our hopes up for the year, by speaking life into one another and being encouragers, and by keeping our sense of wonder about the world and the awesome ways of God. He specifically shared the story of the beggar in Acts 3 who was asking for money and God provided above and beyond his wildest hopes – completely healing in his body through Peter and John.

Secondary students in social studies this year might notice a different feel to the way units and lessons are designed and implemented. The department is implementing new curriculum called, “The C3 Framework.” The three C’s are college, career, and civic life. Teachers adopted the curriculum last semester and are now trained in implementation leading to units where students have flexibility to dig deeper into key questions that spark their curiosity and take action in the real world as part of their role as citizens of this community, nation, and world.

Additionally, I invite high school students and parents interested in learning more about the ACT to come to a special presentation on September 12 at 6:00pm in the MPR. An ACT representative from Jakarta will present and answer all of your questions. Additionally, please remember that BAIS hosts the SAT and ACT on campus so our students have the advantage of minimal travel and knowing the testing room environment before taking the exams.
I look forward to serving your family again this year! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to set up an appointment to see me or send me an email.

Mr. Thomas, MS. Ed.

Drama Department

Rehearsal Schedule

Drama practice schedule
September 4th, 2019
Performers: Everyone

Please bring your participation form and fee. If you are in 6-12th grades and you are interested in being in this year’s production but did not sign-up last year or did not receive a role confirmation letter and permission form, please email Ms. LaMertha at and come to Wednesday’s rehearsal. We still need a few more people for our backstage and lighting crews, so even if you do not want to act, there is a spot for you in the BAIS theater program.

Piano Accompanists for Drama

The BAIS Drama is looking for piano accompanists. If you would be willing to come to drama rehearsals on Wednesdays from 4:15-6:15 and play piano for us, please contact either Ms. LaMertha at or Mrs. Loewen at This is open to parents or students. If we get more than one person willing to help us, we can make a rotation schedule.

Athletics & Club News


  • BAIS Community Game Friday, Aug. 30. Girls start at 3:50; Boys follow.
  • All parents, BAIS staff, community members should join the game.
  • IISSAC Soccer will be at BAIS from Oct. 25-27.

After School Clubs and Activities

  • After School Clubs and Activities start NEXT WEEK!!!
  • Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO) Registration ends TOMORROW! If you are interested in competing, please send the following information and the 235.000Rp registration fee to Miss Harsono before Friday, Aug. 30.
    Complete Name:
    Email Address:
    Phone number:
  • Mom’s English Club also starts Monday at 3:00 for parents interested in improving their English skills. Contact Ms. Lane (
  • Sea Tribes applications are due Friday, September 6 to Ms. Hays. (

Highlight of the Week: IISAAC Girls Soccer

  • This coming season is Coach K’s fourth year coaching at BIAS. She says, “This upcoming season holds a lot of potential for BAIS girls’ soccer. The amount of leadership and experience on the team is really exciting. I’m looking forward to watching the girls step up to their full potential and leave it all on the field. We thank our fans in advance for coming to cheer us on. We also want to thank other coaches who have worked with the girls in the off season. How blessed we are to be a part of the BAIS family! Go get’em BAIS!”
  • Sophomore Karen Lee is starting her first year on the IISSAC Soccer team. She observes, “The girls’ soccer team this year is quite interesting since the dynamics of the team is equally balanced in both offense and defense, which has rarely happened. All we need to do now is practice more. :)”
  • Starting her sophomore year and fifth year on the IISSAC team, Lydia Kim sees that “the 2019 Soccer team is developing quite well. The members are bonding well and overall the relationship is quite strong, therefore, I do not worry about the team’s ability to encourage each other or to be there for one another. The team does need developing to get to where we would like it for the IISSAC competition, but with practice, grit, and perseverance we will get there.”
  • Have a great season girls!

2019 BAIS Girls Varsity Soccer Team

Emily Nielsen / Kyla Lee / Chloe Tantowi / Beltra Chong / Caitlin Kartarahardja / Lydia Kim / Karen Lee / Angel Gunaman / Hayeon Jeong / Sherin Chong / Jinny Park / Emily Stanford

Coaches: Kelsey Nainggolan and Pak Oh

Highlight of the Week: IISAAC Boy Soccer

  • Coach Julian and Pak Andy are returning to the BAIS Soccer program as the coaching dynamic duo. Mr. Julian says, “I have been involved with a soccer team either as a player or coach for the past 15 years, so soccer is a major part of who I am. But I love it. I love helping players learn to work together. I love seeing them get better. I love watching them mature. Sports brings the best (and sometimes the worst) out of us, so I think that it is a proving ground for what is really going on in our lives. For me to have the opportunity to be a part of raising up the next generation of leaders through soccer is exciting. Hosting IISSAC this year is an awesome opportunity to play in front of our home fans and I can’t wait! I am so proud of the hard work our players put into practices, games, and balancing the other demands of life, but most of all I am proud of the young men they are becoming.”
  • Senior Rio Primandaru says he is, “definitely excited to be playing again with my brothers, many of whom have been on the team for a while. It’s also really cool to see a lot of the younger guys be a part of our soccer program as it means we’ll continue to have a strong team in the years to come. I can tell everyone loves the sport as much as I do, and that’s a really cool experience to share as I enter into my senior year!!”
  • New to the soccer team and BAIS is seventh grader Lionel Messi… I mean Lionel Hirina. With just one week of practice he says, “the BAIS soccer team is great, the students are so friendly and the teacher, Mr. Julian, is very kind.”

2019 BAIS Boys Varsity Soccer Team

Rio Primandaru / Ezra Thomas / Ollie Gunthorpe / Clifford Setiabudi / Julio Alvi / Sandor Beintema / Jake (JunHyeon) Lee / SeongHwa Park / Kai Thomas / Simeon Gunthorpe / Lionel Hirina / Darrel Primandaru / Conner Truloff / Jefferson Sastra / Jeremy Budijono

Coaches: Coach Julian and Pak Andy

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

Drop off – all cars are to pull up to the crosswalk near the SATPAM station unless there is a stopped vehicle in front of you. Students are able to exit the left side of the car at any location between the gate and the crosswalk. Up to 7 or 8 cars can drop off students at the same time if we all follow this process.

Pick up – only cars with yellow stickers are to enter the gate for pick up. Students are to enter the vehicles only under the blue awning. The school personnel except during rain, on duty must ensure the children enter the correct vehicle. So only two cars can pick up students at a time.

Thank you for ensuring safe and speedy drop off and pick up!

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