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From the Elementary Principal’s Desk

We are heading into our 3rd week of school and routines and schedules are slowly coming into place. At the start of each year time is always set aside for getting to know the students, the new classes, and figuring out what school will look like for the coming year. One of the tools that teachers use to get to know the students is through MAP testing. MAP stands for Measures
of Academic Progress. BAIS administers the MAP tests twice a year; once in early September and once in April. The purpose of the test is to identify where each student’s ability is within the subjects of mathematics, reading, and language usage. Results from the MAP tests are used to create learning goals and to help tailor the teaching in the classroom to fit the student’s individual needs.

Over the next 2 week, we will enter the season of MAP testing. Next week in the elementary, the students will take a practice MAP test on Scootpad to familiarize themselves with the testing process and with the types of questions asked on MAP. They will also spend some time in Principal Time discussing the purpose for MAP and how it will be used in the classroom during the year. Then the week of Sept. 3rd‐10th, the official MAP test will be administered to all the students K‐12. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, are set aside for the elementary students to take their MAP test, and Tuesday, Thursday, and the following Monday are assigned to secondary for testing. A more detailed MAP schedule with the date, times, and subjects for each test will be included in next week’s BAIS Buzz.

In order for the test to get an accurate reading on the students’ abilities, it will be important for everyone to get a good night’s rest. For optimum health, teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep in order to be fully rested. Elementary students need between 8‐10 hours to perform optimally. Students should eat a healthy, balanced breakfast before coming to school on the day of testing. MAP test results and goal sheets will eventually be sent home to the parents around the middle of September.

If you have any questions about the MAP test please do not hesitate to talk to Mr. Thomas or myself. We look forward to using this tool as a way to strengthen the learning process for the students this year.

Mrs. Charity Sianturi
Elementary Principal

School Portrait Day

Friday, August 31st
Students please wear a nice school outfit ‐ not your PE uniform.

Drama Auditions are on Wednesday, 29 August, from 4 to 6pm.
Please remember to bring you parent signed permission slips

Why we do what we do?


Believe it or not, teachers learn best in the mornings too! That is why every other Wednesday, BAIS students begin school 75 minutes later than usual, starting school at 9:00am instead of 7:45, enabling the professional development of our staff. This valuable time built into the schedule allows teachers to continue learning the art and science of education, modeling the idea of being a lifelong learner. Teachers are able to keep current with technology, teaching strategies, and classroom management techniques. Next Wednesday, August 29th is our first Late Start schedule for the year. We as a staff look forward to growing and learning in the area of effective assessments this

Thank you BAIS community for allowing our teachers to remain current and sharp in their profession. The Late Start program is a great benefit to our teachers, thus strengthening the overall BAIS program.

University Visit

On Wednesday, September 5 during 6th period (12:21‐12:57), a representative from Asbury University, a Christian university in Kentucky, USA, will give a presentation in the second floor computer lab (211). Students, as well as parents, are welcome to attend. They will also have a table set up in the lobby until 3:30.

Music Department News

Join The BAIS Parents Choir

The BAIS Music Department is looking for choir members. If you are BAIS parents who love to sing and meet new friends, please contact Mrs. Sang Hee Park at psh‐nirs@hanmail.net or call 0821‐1717‐1897. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner. Anybody can join. We’d be delighted to see you there.

2018 Christmas Performance

Dress Code Color: White
Boys: a white Top and white knee‐length shorts or pants
Girls: a white dress or white top & bottom (white skirt / long pants or knee‐length shorts)

Korean Moms Prayer Meeting

We invite all Korean moms to come and pray
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 09.30 am
Place: BAIS Conference Room

Athletics & Club News


After School Clubs and Activities

Club Highlight of the Week: IISAAC Girls Soccer

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Mr. Justin Powers
Athletic Director

Picture Day Schedule ‐ August 31st, 2018

In the Upstairs Computer Lab

7:45 9th Grade      Ms. Fulwood
8:00 Pre‐school     Ms. Hays
8:30 12th Grade     Ms. LaMertha
8:45 Kindergarten   Ms. Lane
9:00 1st Grade      Ms. Kegerreis
9:20 2nd Grade      Ms. Harvey
9:40 3rd Grade      Ms. Ribbens
10:00 4th Grade     Mrs. Whitehurst
Break Time
10:40 10th Grade    Mr. Loewen
11:00 6th Grade     Mr. Davis
11:20 5th Grade     Ms. Arrington
11:35 8th Grade     Mr. Powers
11:55 7th Grade     Mr. Ernsberger
12:15 11th Grade    Ms. Dickman

Additional Notes:

If your students have PE on picture day, make sure students and parents know to come in their picture outfit. After pictures, they may change into their PE uniform.

All staff members must have their picture taken!
If you are not a homeroom or elementary teacher, please stop by during a prep period or lunch. Pictures can be taken between 7:35 and 1:45.

Download this issue as PDF: Issue 03: 24 August, 2018 – English

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