Issue 03 – August 25, 2017

From the Elementary Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

Soon we will have the start of September and with it comes out “Safe September” month at BAIS. Starting last week and then over the next few weeks we will be focusing on our 4 major safety drills, Fire, Earthquake, Code Yellow, and Code Red.

The first drill we practiced was the Fire Drill. Student reviewed how to STOP, DROP, and ROLL if they were ever on fire. We also talked about in the case of fires it is important to GET OUT and STAY OUTI would encourage you to talk with your family about a fire safety plan at home and then practice that plan all together. Some question to discuss could be…

  • What is the safest and quickest way to exit the house in case it is on fire?
  • Where is a place for the whole family to gather once they are outside?
  • Who do the children call in case of a fire? Do they know how to make that call?

This next week we will begin practicing the Earthquake Drill.
The first thing to do in an earthquake is Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Once the shaking has stopped then it is important to evacuate the building. A great resource for earthquake safety procedures can be found on the website

Again, I would encourage you to take time as a family to talk about your earthquake safety plan at home.

If you have any questions about fire safety, earthquake safety and the school safety drills please see me or any of the admin team.

Charity Sianturi
Elementary Principal

Counselor News

According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Melbourne is ranked number 1 in Australia. You can now register online for the University of Melbourne’s Information Day in Jakarta on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 11:00-18:00. For more information, see the flyer on the college board and community board.

Ms. Kelly Wakefield
School Counselor

Drama Rehearsal Announcement

Reminder to elementary performers: You must go home or be supervised by a parent from 2:45 until 4:00. There is no school supervision provided for elementary students who are waiting for drama rehearsal to start.

By Monday, Aug 28, 2017 You will be notified by email of the role that you are being offered. You will have until Wednesday, Aug 30, to decide whether or not to accept that role. Participation fees, which you will find out about when you are offered a role, will be due on Aug 30.

  • Wednesday, August 30, 2017 4pm to 6pm
    Read Through – All actors in the play must come. Extras and crew members attendance is optional.

Athletics & Club News

Soccer Starts

  • STAFF/Parents vs. BAIS’ athletes game Aug. 31.
  • Please come support your BAIS soccer team.
  • Parents interested in competing, please contact Mr. Powers:

After School Activities

  • Clubs and activities start the week of Aug. 21.
  • You can still register for some clubs.
  • Elementary students can register with Mr. Powers or Ibu Dias in the lobby after school.
  • Secondary students need to register with the club/activities sponsor.

Elementary Clubs/Activities

  • Young Tigers Soccer Club available for K-6th grade.
  • Yarn Club available for 4-12th grade.
  • Swimming Lessons, Indonesian, and Badminton available to all students 6 years or older.

Secondary Clubs/Activities

  • New Clubs: 6-12th Graders can join the Badminton, Science or Math Club.
  • High School Volleyball and Rio & Reno’s Guide to Film-Making is available to 8-12th graders.
  • Existing Clubs: MUN is open for high school; Drama, BoB, and Praise Team is open for all secondary students.
  • Singers, drummers, and sound/lights positions are available for Praise Teams.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Download this issue as PDF: Issue 03: 25 August, 2017 – English

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