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From the School Director

Dear BAIS Community,

The school has a reputation for going above and beyond to facilitate student success. During this season of online school since March of last school year, this continues to be the case. At the end of last week a group of teachers came together to discuss our current sixth grade students and some of the struggles they have experienced transitioning to middle school. The teachers concluded it would be very beneficial for the students to have a day of training and orientation to assist students in their transition and understanding of effective routines for being successful online students. Following all Covid-19 prevention protocols, the students were on campus for a half-day of training with the teachers. The students were able to experience the love and care of their teachers face-to-face while improving their use and understanding of PowerSchool Learning, the Secondary Meet & Summative Schedule, and general expectations of the faculty. I tip my cap to all those involved in this teacher-led initiative and I thank the sixth grade parents for being willing to send their students to campus for this important training.

I’ve said many times, “BAIS is not a perfect school but it is an excellent school always seeking ways to improve.” Your feedback is vital to this steady improvement and I am thankful for all the parents who completed the online learning feedback survey that was sent last week. The following are some secondary highlights from the data. Secondary participation included 9 surveys for 6th grade, 10 for 7th, 9 for 8th, 5 for 9th, 11 for 10th, 8 for 11th, and 6 for 12th grade.

Some important conclusions from the secondary data include:

I cannot overstate how thankful we are to partner with you in your child’s education. It is a humbling responsibility that we take very seriously. As always, if you have concerns or questions, do not be shy. Please let us know how we can better serve you!

Jeremy Thomas, MS Ed.

School Counselor Note

We have all come to realize that our ‘pre-covid’ rhythms and routines are not as functional as they used to be, and many of us are struggling to settle in to the ‘new normal’. This article may help you think through what it means to build new healthy rhythms in your family, while trusting in God to restore order amidst the chaos.

From BAIS Dept of ED Liaison

Dear Parents,

Beginning this year, the Minister of the Department of Education, Jakarta, has instructed the school to apply for a foreign student permit. Each year we will need to apply and renew this permit. This application is free but we are required to the regulation.

Each family is required to prepare the following documents, scan them, and send them to me (gledyamelisa@baisedu.org) no later than October 5, 2020:

  1. Student statement letter that the student is not working. Attached is a template for this letter. Please make a copy of this template, personalize it for your student, attach a stamp/meterai Rp. 6000 and have your student sign it. If you have an elementary-aged student parents may sign on behalf of the student.
  2. Parent statement letter. Attached is a template for this letter. Please make a copy of this template, personalize it for your student, attach a stamp/meterai Rp. 6000 and have your student sign it. If you have an elementary-aged student parents may sign on behalf of the student.
  3. Student passports valid 18 months minimum.
  4. Student KITAS that is still valid.
  5. A copy of each parent’s passports.

We also have another survey for all students’ information to submit to the Indonesia Department of Education in this link.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at gledyamelisa@baisedu.org

Thank you,

Gledya Melisa
Department of Education Liaison

From the Guidance Counselor

This is an amazingly unique time to be looking for post-secondary schools. Normally schools want students to come to their campus to tour and learn but one of the perks of the current worldwide situation is the availability of virtual university tours and webinars. I encourage you to look around, check out the schools, and begin learning what your options are!

Instead of blasting you with a dozen email forwards from universities and event organizers, I have compiled it into this one Google doc. Please look at it, check out the links, and make use of webinars. Almost all of the events are free.

I would love to hear which events you attend!

Upcoming Virtual Events

Check the doc weekly to see any new events and updates. *Newly added events are in orange.

English Competition

Immerse Education Essay Competition: Win a full scholarship to the Cambridge Summer School!

The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship for one of Immerse Education’s award-winning residential or online academic programmes (further information below). Last year there were 10 full scholarship winners and 300 shortlisted partial scholarship winners selected from over 4000 entries.

Students aged 13-18 are required to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject and age group. From medicine, computer science, physics, engineering, creative writing, English literature, and many more subjects, there is a category for every area of interest.

The competition is free to enter, and a great way to practice your academic writing skills. Previous scholarship winners have referenced their success in the Essay Competition on their application to the world’s top universities. For further guidance and to enter, visit www.immerse.education/essay-competition/ (Deadline for entry: 5th January 2021)

The Oxbridge Online Research Programme

Personalised, one-to-one tuition from your own personal Oxford or Cambridge University tutor. Create a university-level academic research project in any subject field over 2, 4, or 8 weeks. Ages 13-18. Visit the website to learn more.

Cambridge Online Insights

The highlights of our award-winning summer course can be experienced via a premium e-learning platform. Learn alongside other students from around the world with the guidance of expert university tutors. Ages 13-18. Visit the website to learn more.

Cambridge Summer School and Oxford Summer School

Our award-winning summer course in Cambridge University and Oxford University colleges. Designed for ambitious students and taught by expert university tutors. Ages 13-18. Visit the website to learn more.

Drama Department

Drama Practice

Wednesday, September 30 Scene 6: pgs. 75-93

Song: “Me O’le Bamboo”:

@ Mrs. Loewen’s Home @ 4:30 — Scene 6 Performers: Fair Announcer, Potts, Violet, Sid, Turkey Farmer; @ 5:00 — The Tenors

@ Jinny Park’s Home @ 4:30 — No one; @5 — Scene 6 Performers: Fair Announcer, Potts, Violet, Sid, Turkey Farmer

@ Home @ 4:30 — 10/15 minutes working on vocal practices; 15/20 minutes working on all your songs –The Opening, Toots Sweets (ladies), and Chu-Chi Face; 15/20 minutes learning “Me Ol’e Bamboo.” Please record your final practice of “Me Ol’e Bamboo,” and send it to Mrs. Loewen.

All secondary ensemble members should learn and practice the “Morris Dancers” part in “Me Ol’e Bamboo” (starting on pg. 33). Everyone will sing even though not everyone will dance.

Announcement from the Secondary English Department

Dear Students and Parents,

Monday, September 28, and Tuesday, September 29 will be our annual Fall Writing Assessment days for all students in grades 6-12. The writing assessment is like the MAP test. It is a way for teachers to gauge student performance in an important skill. This assessment is not for a grade. The Fall Writing Assessment is a pre-assessment. It is an opportunity to see where students’ writing abilities are at the beginning of the year. In the Spring, students will retake the assessment so that the English teachers can compare growth and development throughout the school year. The actually writing assessment will take place during your son/daughter’s English class. There is no special preparation or special class time or schedule. This announcement is simply to inform parents and students that students will be taking the writing assessment next week. If you have any questions, please contact your son/daughter’s English teacher.

Ms. Beth LaMertha

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