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From the Elementary Principal

Dear BAIS Community,

“Practice makes perfect.” Isn’t that what they say? While I mostly agree with the general sentiment of this saying, I will say that we will never, no matter how much we practice, arrive at “perfect.” Jesus was and will be the only human being to ever live without sin or error. He is the example we follow and the one in whom we trust.

Now, in the world of education, we rely on decades and decades of information from successes, mistakes, and research to inform our decisions for school operations and promote best practice. All across the world, educators are finding themselves in new territory and actually pioneering a new style of schooling. We simply do not have the benefit of long research studies nor expert wisdom of the past from which to draw.

Our elementary students have come such a long way during these past six weeks of a new school year! They are such an amazing group of children. I have enjoyed joining some of our virtual meetings over the weeks and seeing how students are learning to be more independent, adept in technology, and resourceful.

As mentioned in a BAIS blog post which I wrote a couple of weeks ago, no matter how fervently our teachers try, they will never be able to offer a virtual school day that meets the exact needs of every family or student, nor recreate a typical 7-hour school day online. When a percentage of families asks for less screen/video time, another is asking for more. While one group is asking for more paper/pencil work, another requests less. Our goal is to meet in the middle and serve our students and families as well as possible. Please know that our elementary teachers are working extremely hard to daily ensure your students are well cared for and known. I am extremely proud of our teachers and students for their diligent work.

Thank you to those who took the time to fill out our recent parent survey of online learning. Here are a few of the elementary highlights:


Mr. Neil Cantrall M.Ed.
Elementary Principal


Common Sense Media has a lot of good information for parents, for example current movie reviews on what movies are appropriate for your child based on their age. It also has information on games that your children are playing online and if those games are age appropriate for them.


As your child spends a lot more time on the screen and has constant access to information online, it’s important for us as parents to be up-to-date with the things that they are using and also to help them be accountable on their devices.

The 7th grade students have been using the content on this website to learn about being safe online and how to be good digital citizens, so if you have a 7th grader in your house you should talk to them about what they have learned about any of these topics:

Thank you,

Amudhan W Ramappa
Technology Department

Fine Arts Department

Follow the links below to view the artwork that the BAIS secondary students are producing!
We have some talented artists here!

Drama Announcement

Wednesday, October 7

Scene 7: pgs. 93-95

Song: “Posh” (addition to the scene, see slides 25-26 from the read-through script)

@ Mrs. Loewen’s Home @ 4:30 — Ezra, Kezia, & Eliza; @ 5:00 — The Sopranos

@ Jinny Park’s Home @ 4:30 — Scenes 3 & 6 Performers (Bethany, Ollie, Jinny, Sandor, Emily, Clarine, Karen, & Zachariah; @5 Scenes 1-2, 5, & 7 Performers (Kai, Jace, Kezia, Eliza, Ollie, Jinny, Ezra, Mael, Josh, Mia, & Simeon)

@ Home @ 4:30 — 10/15 minutes working on vocal practices; 15/20 minutes working on all your songs — The Opening, Toots Sweets (ladies), Chu-Chi Face (starts on bar 43), and Me Ol’e Bamboo. Please record the final practice of your songs and send them to Mrs. Loewen.

Announcements from the desk of the Guidance Counselor

PSAT/NMSQT – Wednesday, October 14th

The 11th graders will come to the campus on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:45am to sit for this test. The two main purposes of this test are to measure the student’s readiness for university and to practice for the SAT.

On Monday between 8:00am-3:00pm, students can stop by the front office to pick up the PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide and practice tests. To participate in this test, you will need to come to campus. If you or your parents want to opt-out of the PSAT/NMSQT, please email Ms. Hall no later than October 12th.

There is no fee for this test for 11th graders.

CIALFO College Fair

BAIS is partnering with a number of other secondary schools in Indonesia, including Jakarta Intercultural School, and CIALFO to host a Virtual College Fair the week of October 19th – 24th. Next week, all high school students will be receiving a link to activate their CIALFO account. More information about how to participate in the College Fair will soon be sent to their email.

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