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From the Government Liaison

Dear BAIS Community,

I would like to thank all of the parents for your great cooperation and support which you have given to Ibu Gledya, our Dept of Ed Liaison in order to complete the student and parent information for the Data Pokok Pendidikan (National Education Database). Thank you so much.

The pandemic changed the dynamic for the Indonesian documentation process from doing things manually using paper, to transitioning into an online process with digital documents. Theoretically, this should improve the process and speed things up, but with limited devices and fewer staff working in the government offices, the expatriate document process is still not as efficient as it should be. Because of possible delays, we encourage all our expatriate families to make sure your KITAS validity is still valid and always plan to extend your KITAS a few months before it expires. If you are using a visa agent or your paperwork work is processed by your company, please make sure you keep the document copies in your personal file (such as your IMTA (work permit), STM (police report), Surat Domisili, and SKTT (green domicile card)). Don’t forget to always bring a laminated copy of the front-page of your passport and the small size KITAS everywhere you go. This is very important as it is your personal ID. Last but not least, always make a detour and avoid any crowds you see in town like a group of Bandung soccer fans or especially demonstrations.

May we always trust in God’s protection and grace as we support one another and build BAIS to become what God wants according to His will.

God bless and thank you all.

Hendri Simanjuntak
Government Liaison

Virtual Open House

Sign-up for our Virtual Open House to find out more about our scholarship program. For more information email admissions@baisedu.org

School Holiday and Quarantine Update

Over the last few weeks the school leadership has received requests related to Friday, October 30th and the possibility of not having school. Because Thursday (29th) is a public holiday, this would allow for a four-day weekend and a much-needed mental and emotional break for our community. The feedback from the Director’s Advisory Council (DAC) and from the Student Council President unanimously supported making the change to no school on October 30.

Therefore, school and the offices will be closed on Friday, October 30.

Teachers will not assign work or projects due between Thursday, October 29 and Monday, November 2, 9:00am. You, the parents, and our students need a breather as well. In the long-term, we will achieve more by having this short break. BAIS school Facilities reservations will remain available.

In the next two months and through the Christmas holiday, there will be opportunities for families to travel domestically and internationally. This holds true for our teachers as well. These are the quarantine regulations that our teachers and staff will follow:

“Many of you will likely travel to locations outside of KBP/Bandung as days off and longer holidays approach. This will serve as a basic guide to help you know what is expected/asked of you in regards to quarantining upon return. The completion of the BAIS staff travel form is required if traveling overnight to an area other than KBP or Bandung.

I traveled somewhere! Do I have to Quarantine?”

Yes, if…

  • You left the island of Java
  • You knowingly spent time with someone with the virus
  • You tested positive for the virus
  • You have symptoms that have been verified by a doctor or clinic as potentially risky
  • Your method of transportation to or from your destination (outside of KBP/Bandung) was primarily utilizing public transportation (bus, train, etc)

No, if…

  • You traveled to a different city on the island and kept C19 protocols and practiced proper social distancing
  • You are symptom-free and have not been near anyone who has tested positive
  • You traveled in your personal vehicle and not via public transportation

If your families decide to travel, please do abide by these guidelines as well. If you have been granted permission for some one-on-one sessions with your teachers, if you are planning to come on campus for any reason, or if you are planning on attending some of the class play-dates, refrain from doing so if you are quarantining.

Drama Practice Schedule

Wednesday, October 28

Scene 11 Part 1: pgs. 66-70
Scene 11 Part 2: pgs. 147-149; (additional scene, see slides 40-45)


@ Mrs. Loewen’s Home @ 4:30 – 5:30: Ezra, Mia, Simeon, Mael, Josh, RyAnne, Ella, Sein, Zachariah, Jace, Kai, — No Groups

@ Home @ 4:30 –ALL GROUPS — 10 minutes working on vocal warm-ups; 15/20 minutes working on all your songs. Please record the final practice of your songs and send them to Mrs. Loewen.

Battle of the Books

Hey Secondary Readers!

Even though we can’t meet in person for now, we will still have a Battle of the Books team and competition this year! If we can’t have an ‘in-person’ Battle in January, we will do it over Zoom instead. Battle of the Books is a fun book-trivia competition done in groups of 3-6, based on the list of books below. Participants are not expected to read all 10 books.

If you are interested in participating in Battle of the Books, please email Ms.Ribbens at ClarissaRibbens@baisedu.org and start reading any of these books!

You can check-out BOB books from the BAIS library.

  • Dragon’s Gate
    Yep, Laurence
  • John from the Bible
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Jules Verne (unabridged)
  • The Breadwinner
    Ellis, Deborah
  • Merlin
    Lawhead, Stephen R
  • Mossflower
    Jacques, Brian
  • Caddie Woodlawn
    Carol Ryrie Brink
  • The Endless Steppe
    Hautzig, Esther
  • Steelheart
    Brandon Sanderson
  • Peace Child
    Don Richardson

Music Department – Christmas Concert

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” — or sound a lot like Christmas.

Dear BAIS Parents, Staff, and Students,

We need you! This year, the BAIS music department will be hosting a BAIS community-wide virtual Christmas concert, and we need YOU to participate. Many of the students are already working on musical numbers that will be included in the Christmas concert, but it won’t be complete without YOU! Here’s how you can participate.

The BAIS music department and BAIS’s new music teacher Ibu Rina Aritonang is looking for students and parents to participate in the following performance groups:

  1. The BAIS Mini-Orchestra. — Ibu Rina would like to start a mini-orchestra here at BAIS and needs (at minimum) the following:
    1. 1 piano
    2. 3 violins
    3. 2 cellos
    4. 2 flutes
    5. 2 clarinets
      If you are interested, regardless of whether your instrument is listed or not, please sign up on the interest form that is linked below. Once Ibu Rina knows what the interest level is, she will contact you with more information about rehearsals.
  2. The BAIS Dance Ensemble — Ibu Rina would like to incorporate dance into the upcoming Christmas concert and would particularly like to invite the BAIS moms to join this Ensemble. The ensemble is open to students as well. If you are interested in the BAIS Dance Ensemble, please sign up on the interest form where you can also view the two performance options and vote for the performance you would like to be in.
  3. Teacher/ Staff Choir — BAIS Teachers and Staff, YOU are also wanted! Ibu Rina is putting together a staff choir to sing the “Angels’ Carol”. Rehearsals will be on Monday mornings from 7:10-8:00 in the music room. Please sign up on the interest form and show up to the music room next Monday, Oct 26.

Christmas is an amazing season, so please join us in celebrating this Christmas season, a season that reminds us that God Himself has brought us peace, hope, joy, and love! BAIS Virtual Christmas Concert Interest Form

I Love to Read info for Parents & Students

The Big Idea

Students complete daily challenges to earn points for their BAIS house team, and promote a love of reading! The first challenge will be sent on Oct.26th, and the last is on Nov.20th. This is supposed to be FUN and low-stress. It’s OK if you can’t do all the challenges! Just do what you can, enjoy reading, and have fun!

How to Complete Challenges

  1. Read the instructions of the daily challenge sent by a member of the I Love to Read committee.
  2. Read for 10-15 minutes according to the challenge instructions. (ex: a space book on space day).
  3. Usually, you will take a photo of yourself for your response, but sometimes you will write, draw, or make a video!
  4. Send your response via SeeSaw (Upper Elem) or the WA group (Lower Elem)

What Should I Read?

As long as you are following the instructions of the challenge, ANY type of text is fine, including, but not limited to: hard copy books, picture books, magazine, Epic!, Scootpad, read-aloud videos, audio books, etc! For example: on ‘space day’ you can read fiction, or nonfiction, as long as it connects to the idea of ‘space’!

How Do I Get Points?

Just follow the instructions of the challenge, and submit your response! We’ll share House point updates a couple of times per week.

Upper Elementary

UE students will receive challenges via a new SeeSaw class. They just need to respond to the daily challenge the same way they do in class.

Lower Elementary

LE parents will receive daily challenges via a special WA group for ‘I Love to Read’ which will be created soon. (FYI – we may be able to move this to SeeSaw later in the month, but for now we cannot use SeeSaw for LE)

School Counselor Note

This is an amazingly unique time to be looking for post-secondary schools. Normally schools want students to come to their campus to tour and learn more but one of the perks of the current worldwide situation is the availability of virtual university tours and webinars. I encourage you to look around, check out the schools, and begin learning what your options are! Instead of blasting you with a dozen email forwards from universities and event organizers, I have compiled it into this one Google doc. Please look at it, check out the links, and make use of webinars. Almost all of the events are free. I would love to hear what events you attend!

Upcoming Virtual Events Check the doc weekly to see any new events and updates.

*Newly added events are in blue.

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