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Note from the Director

School Development Update

Dear BAIS Families,

BAIS is always looking to improve. Each year, per our accreditation body’s recommendations and our own internal evaluation, we establish a set list of goals, called a Continuous School Improvement Plan (Link to: CSIP). These are goals which are either being built upon (met), ongoing (in process), or just beginning. The five areas generally addressed are: student learning, staff support, spiritual well-being, community relations, and facilities. Each element of our yearly improvement plan has financial implications, assigned staff, and suggested time frames. They are also tied to specific accreditation standards. While some goals have been completed, we must keep them on our list for accreditation purposes and keep track of how we are building up the structure of each. Here is a short summary of our six goals for 2021-2022.

Goal #1: Response to Intervention (RTI) Process (Stds. 2.6 & 3.9)

Completed in 2020 and is being implemented

Outcome: The BAIS teaching and support staff will be trained with the ability to identify students within their various RTI tiers and better equipped with additional skills and resources to intervene more effectively. BAIS will help students be successful and combat overidentification of special needs. BAIS will be able to ensure a seamless transition for students from one teacher to the next.

Student Benefit: BAIS Students will be identified for the RTI process earlier to keep them from falling further behind grade level. The teachers will be better prepared with resources and strategies to intervene more effectively. The students will experience a smoother transition from one teacher to the next, resulting in students being more successful at BAIS.

Goal #2: CSIP Planning Process (Std. 8)

Completed July 2021 and is in motion

Outcome: A Continuous School Improvement Plan Planning Process which includes collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, that aims to improve five major areas of the school: student learning, staff support, spiritual well-being, community relations, and facilities.

Student Benefit: Documented plan to incrementally advance the mission of the school, the focus of which is to improve student learning, among other important areas.

Goal #3: Systematic analysis of assessment data (Stds. 5.7, 5.8)

Completed June 2020, currently being utilized

Outcome: An assessment system, including data management and analysis, will be created and documented with corresponding written policy. Not only will academic achievement be included in the system but standardization in measuring student achievement and growth in ESO’s will be included. Assessment philosophy will be standardized and updated. The system will address individual classroom expectations, division-wide expectations, and whole-school expectations.

Student Benefit: Classrooms will become an assessment-rich environment with very specific feedback delivered to every student communicating content knowledge and skills achievement. Learning will be ongoing and will not end with a test. A verified system will allow BAIS to analyze data and make data-driven decisions and improvements.

Goal #4: Assessing Spiritual Formation of Students (Stds. 7.8, 5.6)

Completed June, 2021 and is currently being reviewed/monitored

Outcome: The chaplain, along with the admin team will create a standardized process to better assess the spiritual formation of students. This will help inform BAIS’ constituents on the effectiveness of their programs in discipling Christ followers.

Student Benefit: This will allow BAIS to better meet student needs and evaluate the effectiveness of its spiritual programs.

Goal #5: Enrollment (Std. 3.1)

In process

Outcome: Achieve an enrollment that maintains or expands current student services.

Student Benefit: This would allow for more class options available at the secondary level. This will also enhance the learning environment of all grade levels by creating more opportunities for social interaction and group activities. An increased enrollment will bring opportunities for deeper investment in programs, hiring, facilities, and curriculum.

Goal #6: Capital Projects (Std. 6.15)

In process

Outcome: BAIS plans to continue developing the campus and make use of the large land space with which we have been blessed. There are three major construction projects that are needed to complete developing the BAIS campus. The final project will be the indoor gym/sports complex/performing arts center. The other projects up for consideration during the construction phase are a fitness center, an outdoor pavilion, and an additional school building that will house additional academic classrooms, a professional kitchen, a cafeteria, and an administration wing.

Student Benefit: The gym/fine arts complex would complete our Athletic facilities and bring much needed updates to our drama and music department. A facility like this would also allow us to host our league tournaments, have a fitness center on campus, and would provide our PE department with indoor courts during the rainy seasons. The additional school building and pavilion would allow us to increase the number of class offerings, provide a dedicated gathering space for eating and food preparation, and provide the administration team with needed office and conference room space.


Neil Cantrall

Update from the Administration

Pavilion Construction Project

Now, more than ever, we are in need of additional covered, outdoor spaces where we can learn, eat, and grow. After much discussion, consultation with the DAC, and reviewing various architect drawings, we have decided to move forward with a building project which will no doubt add great value to our campus and school programs. Plus, it falls directly in line with goal #6 of our CSIP.

Where will it be built?

The pavilion (16m x 25.5m x 6m) is being constructed in the grass area between the existing concrete pad and the walkway down to the soccer field. Among many other potential uses, this space will be utilized for classroom activities, IISSAC events, outdoor eating, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings. It will be wired with electricity and will be fitted for plumbing as it will be even further developed in the future.

What money is being used?

Funding for this project has come directly from the kind donations to our BAIS Heritage Fund. As we look to further develop our campus, per our school development plan, this was seen as a logical and cost-effective next step given the times in which we currently find ourselves.

What is the duration of the project?

The preparation of the space has already begun! The goal is to have everything finished and ready for use by the time semester 2 begins in January, 2022.

The BAIS Times

Have you ever heard the history of the Friday song? Have you ever wondered about the history of Mr. Squiers’s Skinwalkers stories? Or, have you wondered about how the 6th graders feel think and feel about moving upstairs? If you are interested in any of these topics, go check out the first edition of The BAIS Times!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, The BAIS Times will be holding reader submissions. In the month of November, we will be holding a photography contest on the subject of something you are thankful for. The BAIS Times will send out a form to the student body later this week for submission purposes. Whatever you are thankful for, whether that be your pets, a favorite meal, or a pretty picture of the sunset, we are looking forward to seeing it! Near the end of November, staff members of the Times will evaluate all submissions and feature the winning pictures in an article of the Times.

I Love to Read month is here!

Elementary families, our month-long celebration of reading begins on Monday, November 1st! Please read the letter and calendar which were sent home in Friday folders to learn more. You can also access the letter and calendar via these hyperlinks, or in your email. Our theme is ‘Thankful for Books!’. We are excited for a great month of reading!


Congratulations Jayden Budijono!

We are so proud and excited to congratulate Jayden who participated in the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad as a 6th grade representative for BAIS and received a silver medal. He finished 19th out of 238 candidates. If you see Jayden or his parents make sure you congratulate them.

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