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From the Director

Dear BAIS Community,

I know we have a community that is faithful in the discipline of prayer! Thank you for that and I ask you to focus on these next few months as we are starting to form our community for the 2020-2021 school year. Here are a few specifics:

Enrollment – we just finished with our re-enrollment process and are so pleased to see virtually every family that will be in the Bandung area re-enroll their children for next year. Thank you so much for trusting us with the education of your children. It is a partnership that we value immensely. Remember, as we are enrolling new students now, please consider that neighbor or coworker you think would be a good fit for BAIS and bring them for a visit. We would love to show them all great things about BAIS!

Director Meeting / Recruiting Trip – for the month of February, I will be in the USA for our annual director meetings and to work on recruiting for our open teacher positions. Praise God the Elementary Principal position has been filled already, and we are speaking with candidates about the counselor position. We are truly thankful to be a part of the NICS network that is working hard to get us the teachers we need. Remaining open positions are Secondary Science, Counselor, and part-time Mandarin.

March Events – Two items that are great for outreach and service are the annual drama production and Week Without Walls. For both of these events, there will be much information to come. But as these are wonderful times of community building, please get involved and most importantly pray for those planning and organizing the events.

We are a truly blessed community! Thank you for your partnership!

Karl Nielsen
BAIS Director

Drama Practice

Wednesday, Jan 29th in the MPR from 4:15 to 6:15 pm
Acts 2 Scenes: 2-3
Songs: “Loneliness of Evening,” “Announcing the Banquet, “Now Is The Time Reprise”, “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?”
Performers: All
Crew: All

ALSO, there will be a Saturday practice:
Saturday, Feb 1st in the MPR from 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Performers & Crew: Everyone

Bandung Philharmonic

Dear Community,

BAIS will host Bandung Philharmonic guest musicians from France, Le Concert Impromptu. They will give a mini concert at our school to promote their upcoming children’s musical, Musiques de Papier. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the wind quintet perform some classical music.

Please join us in welcoming our guests on Thursday, January 30th. 9:30-10:30 AM in the MPR.

Lower Elementary 100th Day

It is almost the 100th day of school! Lower Elementary (PK3- 2nd grade) will be celebrating 100 days of learning on Friday, January 31 for the first 2 periods of the school day.

This year our theme is Celebrating 100! We have a lot of fun activities planned to work around the theme and of course, it’s all about the number 100!

Every 100-year-old needs good hair and great clothes. Please have your child dress as their future self at the age of 100. If you have PE, please bring your PE clothes to change into.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited to celebrate the 100th day of school!

-Mrs. Squiers, Ms. Hays, Ms. Lane, Mrs. N and Ms. Harvey

Summer Programs for High School Students

When talking with 2018 BAIS graduate, Tivara Tanudjaja after her first semester of university, one thing she said that was helpful in deciding where to apply for school was the summer programs she did before her senior year. It helped her know which schools she wanted to apply to and even helped her eliminate schools from her list.

Throughout the school year, we receive information about summer programs at universities around the world. We have combined it into one document for quick access and would like to pass that information along for you and your student to look into. Please be aware that some due dates are coming up quickly.

Check out this link for a list of summer programs.

Why We Do What We Do

Kota Baru Interschool Spelling Bee Competition

Every year our school hosts a Kota Baru regional Spelling BEE for 1st through 5th graders. The purpose of this Spelling Bee is two-fold. First, it gives us an opportunity to get to know the teachers and students from other schools in our area. Second, it gives our students the opportunity to publicly compete and be recognized for the skill of accurate spelling. Details for this year’s spelling bee will soon be made public so be on the lookout! Guests are welcome to attend the competition, or they can follow along on our BAIS Youtube channel livestream. Stay tuned for when we announce the names of this year’s BAIS Spelling Bee representatives.

BAIS International Day

Please note that Elementary Students need to be picked up at 2:45pm as usual and be accompanied to this event by a parent or guardian. Thanks for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you there.

January 31, 2020

2:45 – 3:30PM – Visit the country displays in the lobby and get your “passport” stamped.

3:30 – 5:00PM – Enjoy a variety of cultural performances including Barongsai (Lion Dance), Sundanese artists, Bollywood dancing, and more!

Let’s celebrate together all the unique and diverse cultures our community represents.

Senior Store Presents Valentine Store
Gifts for your friends, families, and significant other. 

Available exclusively at the senior store for a limited time. Last order by Monday, February 10, 2020.

College Acceptance

Congratulations to Jason Sastra!

Jason has been accepted to the University of Illinois at Chicago in the United States. Make sure to congratulate him when you see him around campus.

Also, please be praying for the other students in the senior class as they are in the process of applying or are waiting for the decisions to be announced.

Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls is looking for service outreach opportunities

WWW is coming soon on March 16-20! All students, PK3-12, and staff will participate in projects around our community. If you know of a great service project for our students, please contact Mr. Whitehurst or Ms. Ribbens. We especially love to partner with existing programs and outreaches. Secondary students, if you are passionate about an outreach and want to be a student leader, please let us know and/or contact a BAIS staff person who can sponsor your project. Please join us in praying for an excellent WWW 2020! Stay tuned for more WWW info during the upcoming weeks!

Athletics & Club News

IISSAC Basketball

After School Clubs and Activities

Season Two of After School Clubs/Activities will end February 21. Season Three starts March 2 and lasts until May 22. If you are interested in leading a season three club or have any suggestions or contacts for potential clubs, please contact the athletic department (athletics@baisedu.org).

Battle of the Books

The Battle of the Books teams competed in their annual competition against Mountainview Christian School in Salatiga this past Saturday.

As one of the chaperones I was reminded how amazing our BAIS students are. As a teacher, sometimes school trips are more stressful than fun. Distrust, worry, and exhaustion often take over. During this past trip I was humbly reminded that the BIAS kids are trustworthy, honest, and respectful. I want to thank the students for being amazing parents for raising such impressive young men and women.

The BAIS team consist of Michael Hartono, Kezia Chandra, Lulu Shi, David Park, JiHun Shin, JiSeong Shin, HuiSoo Woo, Jaeha Jung, Erica Oh, Nathan Darmamulia, Esther Lindley, and RyAnne Davis.

Ms. Ribbens and Mrs. Wongkar were the BoB sponsors this year. Ms. Ribbens said, “I was proud of our BOB teams for working hard and being good sports during our four-team competition. The winning Mountianview team had a big lead but our teams battled hard for second! I was especially proud of the team speakers, Jae Ha and Michael, for their leadership. We had a lot of young readers this year so I’m excited for next year when they are veteran BOB battlers. Watch out, MountainView!”

Eighth grader JaeHa Jung said, “BoB this year was a different experience from the past two years I’ve been in BoB as the rules have changed a bit. Our team had our good times and bad times, but we tried our best during practices and most importantly, the competition. Even though we went second in the tournament, we tried our very best and used skills like “the process of elimination”. Everyone in the team did very well and had fun during the tournament. I am looking forward to next year, and I hope that we can take the trophy back from Mountainview!”

Michael Hartono, the other team captain, said, “BoB this year was an interesting and a new experience since I became a leader this year. We had our ups and downs while we were practicing and doing our competition. Even though we lost the competition, we put effort into the questions and kept on going when times seemed hard. Everyone was working together to come up with the correct solution. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter if you lose if you put your effort into it. Teamwork and sportsmanship are also needed for BoB.”

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

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