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From the Guidance Counselor’s Desk

Greetings from the Guidance Counseling Office,

Yesterday as I was in a presentation from a university in the United Kingdom, we came to a slide with information for international students. It listed the information about foundations programs and the scores that students need to earn on their International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) test, which measures fluency in English. The presenter moved to the next slide in her PowerPoint quickly, saying this test is not required for our students if they have attended all four years of high school and graduated from BAIS. The presenter went on to tell the us that students who want to apply to Manchester Metropolitan University do not need to have an IB diploma, because an American high school diploma coupled with an acceptable SAT/ACT score or three passing AP exams is more than enough for acceptance in their university. We are learning that this is becoming the standard for universities in the UK.

Through the presentation I was reminded of how well BAIS prepares students to attend English speaking universities around the world. Beginning in 8th grade and continuing through 10th grade, we offer the PSAT 8/9 and the PSAT 10 as an optional test for students. Taking the PSAT, the practice SAT which is graded like the SAT at grade level for the students, helps students become comfortable with standardized testing procedures that many universities require for admissions. The PSAT gives students an
opportunity to make mistakes and learn the expectations of the SAT and is inexpensive – the PSAT is 250,000 IDR while the actual SAT costs about 1,500,000 IDR.

During 11th grade, BAIS provides the PSAT/NMSQT where students can choose to have their results reported to schools leading to scholarship opportunities. This test is scheduled in the early part of October so that they can register to take the actual SAT later in the school year. We recommend that students take either the ACT or SAT before the end of their 11th grade year. This timing ensures scores will be ready to send to colleges/universities before application deadlines during their 12th grade year. It will also allow time for students to retake the ACT or SAT to improve their overall score.

Upcoming dates: PSAT for 10th grade is Thursday, February 28th and the 8th and 9th grade test is Friday, March 1st.
Very soon, 8-10th grade students will bring home a letter to sign up for the test.

Please be certain your child knows their official name. Official names 1)appear on their BAIS diploma, 2)are connected to their collegeboard.com account (AP Exams and SAT scores), and 3)are used on college applications. The names in all areas should be the same. If you have more questions about this, please feel free to email, call, or set up an appointment for more clarification.

Thank you,
Melissa Hall
Guidance Counselor

BAIS Elementary Shadowing

Dear Parents,

The BAIS elementary team would like to extend the invitation to parents to come and shadow their students for a period on January 31st. The Parent Shadow Day will be 1st and 2nd period. We have 4 openings available per period per class. A sign-up sheet will be emailed separately for any parents who want to participate in this shadowing program. This is a great opportunity for parents to get to know a little better what goes on inside the elementary school. It is also a great time to see our wonderful teachers in action. Mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you on that day.

Charity (LaMertha) Sianturi, Ed.S
Elementary Principal

2018-2019 Inter-Community Spelling Bee BAIS Representatives

Grade 1:

David Oh and Seonghwan Ji
Alternate: Stefanie Kazumi

Grade 2:
Sean Oh and Aliza Ernsberger
Alternate: Kenan Hallatu

Grade 3:
Glenn Alexius and Jayden Budijono
Alternate: Keisha Prasetyo

Grade 4:
Jane Ji and Yoyo Huang
Alternate: Libby Truloff

Grade 5:
Darrel Primandaru and Jeremy Budijono
Alternate: Erica Oh

Week Without Walls!

W.W.W., BAIS’s special week of service and outreach, is coming up in March and we are looking for ideas!
Please let us know if you have any suggestions, particularly if you know of a ministry or charitable organization in the Bandung area that BAIS could help.

Please send suggestions, contacts, ideas (crazy or otherwise) to Mr. Whitehurst and/or Ms.Ribbens by January 29th.

Also, please join us in praying for this event!


~ on behalf of the WWW Committee,
jasonwhitehurst@baisedu.org & clarissaribbens@baisedu.org

Math Competitions

WMI (World Mathematics Invitational) 2019
Venue: Sekolah Bina Persada, Bandung
Contest Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019
Last Registration Date: February 13, 2019
Registration fee: Rp 220,000.- per student
Participant: grade 1-11 students

Please contact Ms.Harsono (ritaharsono@baisedu.org) for more information.

PACE Gathering

Pace would like to invite you to get together on:
Friday, January 25’ 2019
Time: 8:00am
At Warung Ethnic Pancasona

We are looking for a team of volunteers to help organise International Day.
So please come with your ideas of how you would like to celebrate the multiculturalism of our community.

See y’all soon!

Athletics & Club News

IISSAC Basketball

Mark Your Calendars!
TOMORROW, Saturday, Jan. 26, BAIS will host the Bandung Activities Conference (BAC) Basketball All-Star game. The girl’s all-star games start at 9am, followed by a coaches vs. students game, three-point competitions, dunk contests, and the boy’s all-star game.

Thursday, Jan. 17 Game Stats:
BAIS Boys @ Stamford: 40-23
Ezra 16pts; GyeingMin 6pts; Paul and Kai 5pts each; Daniel 4pts; SeongHwa and Jason 2pts each.
Sophomore (and birthday boy) Ezra said, “We were really able to handle Stamford in the first quarter with our starters which allowed for some of our other players to get quality minutes. It was a good learning experience for some of the younger players. These types of games are good for them to allow them to develop skills needed for the future.”
Mr. Walker: “Looks like Ezra scored 16 points on his 16th birthday to lead all scorers in a BAIS Eagles convincing victory.”

BAIS Girls @ Stamford: 17-19
Emily scored 11pts, got 3 rebounds, and 3 steals; Beltra 2pts, 3 rebounds, 2 steals; Karen 2pts, 1 rebound, 1 steal;
HaYeon 2pts; Kyla 6 rebounds and 1 steal; Rachel 4 rebounds and 3 steals; Kirstie 2 rebounds and 1 steal; Sherine 1 steal.
Miss Hays: “The girls played hard the whole game and in overtime. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull of the win but I am proud of how hard they worked in the game!”

Monday, Jan. 21 Game Stats:
BAIS Boys vs. Stamford: 32-27
Ezra scored 17pts (80%) and 9 rebounds; Paul 12pts and 10 rebounds; Kai 6pts and 2 rebounds; Sandor 5pts and 2 rebounds; Rio 4pts and 2 rebounds; Daniel 3pts and 2 rebounds; GyeongMin 2pts; Jason got 6 rebounds; Clifford, Andrew, Kris, and SeongHwa each got 1 rebound.
Mr. Thomas observed, “The boys played well overall against the Stamford team. All players had a chance to contribute to the victory which was awesome to see. Jason Sastra was very aggressive and had many rebounds. We are excited about the all-star game Saturday. Everyone should come!”

BAIS Girls vs. Stamford: 9-19
Karen scored 3pts; Kirstie made 2 free throws; Emily scored 2pts; Rachel and Beltra also added 1 point each.
Ms. Chistensen commented, “The girls started off a bit slow but steadily gained momentum throughout the game. We held our own during the second half, and the girls shut down Stamford’s offense by denying inside passes. Beltra and Emily played awesome defense and collected quite a few steals throughout the game. We are looking forward to playing Stamford again in the Championship Tournament.
Freshman Karen said, “We could’ve played much better yesterday, but most of us we’re already tired to begin with. After the first half was over, our team played much better. I hope we’ll try harder for the BIS game next week.”

Dates to keep in mind:

After School Clubs and Activities

Young Tigers will host an invitational Saturday, Jan. 26. The tournament starts at 8am.

Tahura Trail Run 2019

Members of the BAISBalboa running club competed in the Tahura Trail Run this past Sunday. Congrats to all participants!
The club meets to run every Wednesday at 4:15 and Saturday at 6am.
If you are interested in joining the BAISBalboa running club, contact Jason Whitehurst or Ibu Hani. All are welcomed!

Season two after school activities and clubs will continue until February 8.
Any parents, teachers, or community members interested in leading an after school activity club for season three (February 18- April 26), please contact Mr. Powers.

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Click on the BAIS Athletic Department’s Facebook PepSquad page for pictures and announcements about IISSAC and after school clubs/activities.

WWDWWD – Why We Do What We Do?

Why we do Week Without Walls.

Every year BAIS provides an opportunity for students to come together to serve the community of Bandung and beyond and we call this time of service Week Without Walls (WWW). Why do we do WWW and why is it so important? There are many answers to that question but I want to focus on a few of my favorite reasons for WWW.

  1. To help students encounter God’s heart.
    Jesus let us know that when we serve those less fortunate we are actually “doing unto Him.” (Matthew 25) Paul said in Philippians 2:7 that when Jesus walked this earth that He did so as a servant. Giving students an opportunity to serve connects them more closely to the heartbeat of our great God.
  2. To help students expand a limited perspective.
    It is so easy for all of us to lose track of the needs of a hurting world. I don’t believe it’s because we don’t care but more due to a lack of awareness. Every now and then we all need to step out of our comfort zones and allow God to stretch us.
  3. To give students the opportunity to make a real difference.
    Week Without Walls is not just an event that allows students or BAIS to feel better about themselves for doing something nice. It is about making a real difference in the lives of real people. Whether it is through ministry to kids in a hospital, an elderly person in retirement facility, or cleaning up a neighborhood, what BAIS students do during
    WWW makes a real difference.

I want to ask you to do two things for as we approach this year’s WWW in March. First, would you pray that God will help us in the planning and execution of this year’s projects. Secondly, we will be asking over the next few weeks for you to help us make WWW possible by donating a car and driver to assist in the transportation needs for the week. Your generosity year after year in this area is a key component to making for a successful WWW. We will make a formal request in the weeks to come for this, but thank you in advance for assisting in this way.

Thank you for your prayers and support for this year’s WWW.

Music Concerts

Drama Practice

Wednesday Jan 30 in the MPR from 4:15 to 6:15 pm Scenes 6-9 Blocking
Performers: All Secondary Performers & Elementary Ensemble: Please do not forget to bring your participation fee!
Crew: Kadin and JiHun


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