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From the BAIS Chaplain

All of us have walls in our lives that we build to protect ourselves from the potential pain of letting others get too close or know too much about us. These walls can be healthy as long as we allow the right people in. We were all created to love and be loved and to know and be known and that cannot happen if no one gets beyond our walls.

When it comes to matters of faith we often build walls as well. These walls can be very unhealthy and create a false sense of security and isolate us from others. They often serve to protect our private faith from becoming public knowledge. Our faith was never meant for isolation but rather to be shared with others through our expressions of love and service.

On March 16-20 BAIS students will serve others all over the city through an annual BAIS initiative called Week Without Walls (WWW). This is more than just an impactful week of ministry to our community. It is an opportunity to cultivate a heart of service in our students as they share God’s truth through word and action. To say it another way we hope that this Week Without Walls will help students to live a Life Without Walls when it comes to their faith.

I want to say thank you to every parent for partnering with us to see this year’s WWW be successful. Your assistance with transportation needs for our groups has been amazing and it is very much appreciated. If you would like to assist with providing transportation and have not yet committed or confirmed, please contact Mrs. Wongkar at kellywongkar@baisedu.org as soon as possible. I would also like to request that you assist us by making sure that your students are here on time every day during WWW. Because of the complexity of arranging transportation and coordinating with community organizations we cannot hold cars to wait on late students to arrive. We appreciate your help in this. Most importantly we would like to ask for your prayer support. Someone once said, “when we work, we work but when we pray, God works.” I have no doubt that our students will serve well, but we want to see God work in our community through each of these projects. Please continue to pray for 2020 WWW to be a safe and fruitful time of ministry for our entire community.

Jason Whitehurst

Week Without Walls

WWW T-Shirt Days

Please wear your ‘Awaken the Wonder’ shirt or any other BAIS shirt on these days during WWW.
– March 17th (Tuesday)
– March 20th (Friday)

We’re getting excited about our upcoming, school-wide service event, Week Without Walls from March 16-20! This is the time of year where each student, teacher, and faculty member are involved in serving our community through various projects in Bandung and Kota Baru. We’re currently looking for any vehicles and/or drivers we could borrow to help with transportation during this week. If you would be interested in helping us with transportation, please contact me at kellywongkar@baisedu.org.

WWW – Rumah Ruth

BAIS is blessed to partner with Rumah Ruth, a ministry to pregnant mothers and babies, again this year during Week Without Walls. We would love to bless this ministry with new or gently used baby items. If you have anything to donate please contact Kelsey Nainggolan, 1st grade, (kelseynainggolan@baisedu.org) or Ibu Yofi, library, (yofianapatty@baisedu.org). Items can also be dropped off between 7:45-3:30 in the BAIS library with Ibu Yofi. Thanks for partnering with us to love on this local ministry!

WWW – For Kids By Kids

One of our WWW teams is going to be visiting three different children’s homes for kids with cancer and terminal illness. We would like to help these homes with some practical supplies for them. If you are able to help at all, please drop supplies off to the office. Thank you!

Supplies needed:

Register Online before March 15, 2020 at bit.ly/xccharityfunrun2020

College Acceptance News

Congratulations to Gyeong Min Kwon, Rio Primandaru, Chloe Tantowi, and Kyla Victoria!

Gyeong Min has been accepted to the Purdue University in the United States.

Rio has been accepted to the Soka University of America in the United States.

Chloe has been accepted to the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Kyla has been accepted to the University of Technology Sydney in Australia.

Make sure to congratulate them when you see them around campus. Also, please be praying for the other students in the senior class as they are in the process of applying or are waiting for the decisions to be announced.

Drama Department News

Drama Announcement: — Less than 10 tickets are available for the BAIS 2020 production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

All reservations for tickets for the upcoming production of Cinderella need to be paid by Tuesday, March 10.

Performance Start Times: Doors will open for seating a half hour before the production begins. The production will begin promptly at the stated start time (6 PM on Thursday and Saturday; 3 PM on Friday). Audience members who are late will not be seated until there is a convenient break in the production that will allow audience members to be seated without interrupting the performers or disturbing fellow audience members, so please be on time.

Drama Rehearsal Reminders for parents & cast and crew members:
Saturday, March 7th — Full Day Rehearsal 8-5. Performers who do not need to put on makeup or have their hair done or who do hair and makeup at home can show up at 8:45. Crew members need to show up at 8:45.

Monday-Wednesday, March 9-11 — Drama rehearsals from 3:45-6:15.
Thursday, March 12 — Hair/Makeup Call @ 3 PM.
Friday, March 13 — Hair/Makeup Call @ 12:30 (Reminder: It’s a half-day.)
Saturday, March 14 — Hair/Makeup Call @ 2 PM.

Ms. Beth LaMertha
Theater Director.

Athletic and Club News

IISSAC Swim, Badminton, and Cross Country

After School Clubs and Activities

Season three started this week and will last until May 21, 2020. There will be no clubs during Spring Break (March 23-27)

Below is an explanation of clubs that will/will not meet during Week Without Walls (March 16-20).

Clubs that WILL meet during WWW (March 16-20):

Clubs that WILL NOT meet during WWW (March 16-20):

No HW Club, No Language Club, No Science Club (MS), No Young Tigers, No Rumah Tanah Liat, No Elementary Badminton (Friday).

Summer Programs for High School Students

Throughout the school year, we receive information about summer programs at universities around the world. We have combined the information into one document for quick access and would like to pass that information along for you and your student to look into. Please be aware that some due dates are quickly approaching.

Check out this link for a list of summer programs.

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