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From the Director’s Desk

What a week! Thank you to so many of you who volunteered to make this Week Without Walls possible. Of course we are thankful to Mr. Whitehurst and his team for organizing all of the details, but I love the way our community can be depended on in countless ways to make the week actually happen. We truly are blessed to be a part of such a generous community! Last week Mr. Whitehurst asked for three things from our community – Prayer, Transportation, and Attendance. Thank you for your diligent prayers, for offering your vehicles, and for ensuring the students were here on time so that the projects would run smoothly.

At the time of writing this article, the students are preparing to present all that they did and what they learned this week. As you have next week off, please feel free to probe further into what they learned. When students participate in activities that are not part of the normal routine, they can be incredible opportunities for reflection. Ask your child questions such as; Why do you think BAIS takes a week to have students do WWW? What was your favorite part, least favorite part? Did you do something this week that you hope and pray will be part of your life when you leave BAIS? Ask them questions to get them to think about how their time spent this week will continue to help them think about how to serve and love others going forward.

Thank you again for the opportunity to partner with you in the education of your children. Have blessed and restful Spring Break!

Mr. Karl Nielsen
BAIS Director

From the WWW Committees

Thank you for your partnership in making this years WWW a huge success. All of our groups served well and truly made a difference in our community. Not only were the walls of our campus removed when it came to us reaching out but also when it came to us allowing others to come in. We had over 100 guest from neighboring schools and universities come to BAIS where our students and staff were able to serve them through drama and activities. We believe that seeds were planted in all of their lives as the
love of Jesus shined through our BAIS community.

Our students loved on kids with cancer and specials needs, ministered to young men in prison, blessed our local community workers, invested in a pastor and church congregation, prayed over our community, loved on unwed mothers and babies, and so much more.

This was a team effort and we want to thank you for the part you play on this team. From our students serving, our staff leading, and our parents providing a way for us to get to every ministry opportunity we learned that Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Thank you,
WWW Committee

BAIS Senior Banquet


Tickets go on sale March 26th. Find a Junior in the lobby Tuesdays after school or Thursday and Friday during lunch in the upstairs hallway.

April 1st the tickets are Rp. 275,000
Beginning May 1st tickets are Rp. 300,000

University News

Interested in attending university in The Netherlands?
A representative will be on campus on Thursday, March 28th at 2PM* in Mr. Julian’s room to share about summer programs and the following universities.

Parents and students are encouraged to attend.

*Students will need to inform Ms. Hall or Mrs. Wongkar by Wednesday at 3:30pm to be excused from class on Thursday.

BAIS International Day

Friday, March 29, 2019

PACE invites you, our BAIS families, to come and celebrate our diverse international community. Come to school that day (the 29th) wearing your national dress or colours that represent your country or a t-shirt that shows where you are from.

At 2:45pm come and view the displays in the lobby exhibiting all the countries we represent. We will have ‘passports’ for elementary kids so they can collect stamps from each of the countries and find out some fun facts. There will be prizes!

Join in the Costume Parade at 3:30pm and then enjoy watching some fun cultural performances in the MPR!

If you would like to perform (can be through song, dance, film, comedy, readings etc) please let Deborah know (WA: +62 8571 8976 772). We would love to see all our cultures represented!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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