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From the Director

BAIS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the school just completed a mid-term evaluation for our six-year term. During the two-day virtual visit, the team analyzed the school report and met with various stakeholders within the community. In our journey of continued school improvement, I am excited to share their summary results below.

Commendations (things to celebrate!)

  1. The administration and staff for continuing to provide a rigorous, holistic, Christ-centered educational program amidst the pandemic, in part by (1) teaching staff successfully integrating technology into their teaching and instruction; (2) teaching staff staying flexible, creative, and positive with in-person and hybrid methods to ensure enduring student learning; (3) office staff developing new operations policies and procedures related to finance, visas, and facilities; and (4) providing stability and structure during the pandemic and effectively communicating with staff expectations related to online teaching and instruction.
  2. The administration, marketing staff, and admissions staff for collaboratively and consistently working to increase enrollment in a variety of ways, including events, relationship building, advertising, and financial incentives.
  3. The administration and teaching staff (1) for collaboratively establishing and implementing a process for the identification of and meeting of student needs and (2) for the addition of a special education consultant.
  4. BAIS stakeholders for developing a caring, collaborative, family-style culture.

Recommendations (areas to grow in)

  1. That the administration and appropriate staff develop and implement a plan to bring into compliance the seven indicators that are in partial compliance and the two indicators that are in non-compliance.
    This recommendation is for standards mostly related to enrollment and the financial health of the school.
  2. That the administration and staff continue implementing the CSIP resulting in increased achievement of both the outcomes and student benefit/connection to learning (as stated after each major recommendation listed in the midterm report).

Summary: The Visiting Team completed the virtual midterm (April 12-13) and enjoyed seeing the campus and interacting with stakeholders (students, parents, staff, leadership) who were both welcoming and transparent.

To those of you involved in the mid-term visit, the school sends our sincere thanks! Here’s to even further school improvement as we finish up the 2020-2021 school year!


Jeremy Thomas, MS. Ed.

Drama Announcement

We have made it to production! Yay! Friday and Saturday at 6:00 pm we have very limited viewing of our production to staff and family only. However, please watch for further information for our community-wide movie premiere of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang coming on June 5! We look forward to sharing our hard work with all of you. Cast members and parents – in order for the audio to be of good quality for the video we will need to record our songs in the studio. We will schedule these times the week of April 26 – 30. Please be watching for a schedule to come out soon. Thank you!

Dear parents,

Thank you to the families who have already sent us updated documents. We are still waiting for more families to send us an updated copy of the following documents:

  1. Valid student and parent passports of both Indonesian and ex-pat families
  2. Valid student and parent KITAS of ex-pat families only
  3. Birth Certificate for Indonesian citizens
  4. Family ID cards (Kartu Keluarga) for Indonesian citizens

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@baisedu.org. Thank you!

MAP Testing

Secondary April 19-22: Please refer to information and details sent April 13 via email and WhatsApp.

Elementary May 3-5: Schedule and details will be sent next week.

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