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From the School Counselor’s Desk

As we start to wind down the school year we enter into a season of testing. We have just completed MAP testing, writing assessments, and testing for our developing English-language learners. We will begin AP testing next week and it will be time for final exams very soon. If we add on our own classroom testing in each subject, SAT tests, ACT tests, etc. we see that our students are evaluated often throughout the school year. So the big questions are, “Now what? What do we do with all that data?”

Honestly, I love data. It is measurable and can be looked at from a variety of angles to help educators teach their students more effectively. It is a cornerstone of helping me do my job well. As a team, we use data at BAIS to help us personalize learning for our students. In a few weeks, we will spend a late start looking through the MAP data and comparing students 1st semester scores to their 2nd semester scores. We ask questions, such as;

Teachers who use testing results and develop useful assessments are able to provide corrective instruction, and give students second chances to demonstrate success. Based on testing results, we can take another look at our lesson plans and the trajectory of learning in our classrooms. This data is quite valuable in helping us meet each student where they are at in their educational journey. Data analysis provides us with a snapshot of what students know, what they should know, and what we can do to meet their academic needs. With solid analysis and interpretation of data, educators can make informed decisions that positively affect student outcomes.
We strive to offer a rigorous, academic program at BAIS but we also want to ensure no student is left behind. As well, we want to continue to challenge those students who are peaking in certain subject areas. If we better understand what our students know, we can then make sure all students are being challenged at the appropriate level.

Soon, you will be receiving your child’s recent MAP scores. We encourage you to take time to look at their growth for the year and use it as a tool to help them stay challenged over the summer. As always – we highly recommend summer reading for all students! By using the MAP data you receive for your child, you may see other areas they can work on over the summer. If you are unsure how to interpret the scores or you need suggestions to help support your child, we want to hear from you! Please contact your child’s teacher and they would be happy to recommend resources and talk through the MAP results with you.

When students, parents, educators, and administrators have the right information to make decisions, students excel!

Working Together,
Mrs. Paula Newell
School Counselor

Fine Art Department

The BAIS Performers would like to thank everyone in the BAIS community for their support of this year’s production of The Sound of Music. Thank you for loaning us props and costumes. Thank you for coming to see the show and for all your words of encouragement. We are already looking forward to next year’s production. Stay tuned for what is coming next from the BAIS Performers!

Finance Office

Currently we have five transfer payments for tuition that did not include student names or grades. We cannot credit the payments to the proper invoice if we do not know who the payment is for. If you made a transfer payment this week, please bring your receipt or confirmation to Ibu Patty in the finance office so she can credit the proper account.

Athletics Department


This weekend in Bali. Thank you for your prayers!
Follow the team updates on the BAIS Pep Club Facebook Group.

Save the Date – Sports Awards – May 15 at 4:00pm in the MPR

Student-Led Conferences

Pre-Registration Parent & Student Meeting

Tuesday, May 2nd at 3:35pm in the MPR.
Come to see the class schedule and courses offered during the 2017-2018 school year.

Announcements about graduation requirement.
Information about Advanced Placement Courses (AP).
All 5th – 11th grade students and parents welcome.
Most information will be relevant for the current 8th – 11th grades
Translation will be provided

The tentative 2017-18 Secondary Planning Schedule is attached to this post.

Elite Educational Institute

College Admissions Information Session

Tuesday, May 2nd at 6:00pm in the MPR
Target Audience 8th – 11th Grade
Translation will be provided

Counseling News

During the next few weeks Mrs. Newell will be meeting with all students in 11th grade to start their college application process. Parents are welcome to attend these meetings or schedule an additional meeting if they have questions. If you are a parent of an 11th grade student and would like to meet with Mrs. Newell, please contact the front office and they can set an appointment!

College Acceptance Update

Congratulations to Joo Young Seo for her acceptance to Wheaton College.

Senior Banquet

Tickets on sale now in front of the school and by the senior store during break time.

Ticket price is Rp 250.000 until May 4th and Rp 275.000 afterwards.

Come celebrate the senior class at Novotel on May 19, 2017 at 6pm. 

AP Testing

Testing begins next week. The schedule is below:

Week 1 Mon., May 1 Tue., May 2 Wed., May 3 Thu., May 4 Fri., May 5
8:00am Chemistry, Environmental Science US History
12:00pm Physics 1: Algebra Based Physics 2: Algebra Based Chinese Language & Culture
Week 2 Mon., May 8 Tue., May 9 Wed., May 10 Thu., May 11 Fri., May 12
8:00am Biology Calculus AB & BC English Language & Composition World History Microeconomics

Download this issue as PDF: Issue 30: 28 April, 2017 – English | Tentative 2017-2018 Secondary Planning Schedule

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