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From the Secondary Principal’s Desk

It’s hard to believe we are entering the season of MAP testing and that end of year activities are just around the corner! MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress, and BAIS administers the MAP tests twice a year; once in early September and once in April. There are four tests available, and BAIS has chosen to administer three. The students next week will take tests in mathematics, reading, and language usage. One exception is Kindergarten and 1st grade who will only take two tests: mathematics and reading.

Testing next week will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:45am-9:00am. Students will then begin first period at 9:00 and have regularly scheduled classes for the rest of the day. Kindergarten and 1st grade testing will be on Tuesday and Wednesday only because they do not take the language usage test.

In order for students to do their absolute best, it will be important for them to get a really good night’s rest. For optimum health, teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep in order to be fully rested. Younger children need a little bit more sleep to perform optimally. For elementary students, try to have your child sleep at least 10 hours. Students should eat a large, balanced breakfast before coming to school.

In the secondary school, in order to support our students achieve their best, teachers will be assigning minimal homework next week. Advanced Placement courses will continue to have homework because the culminating exam is a few weeks away. Other than those courses, students should have less homework than usual.

When parents receive results in May, keep in mind the focus of the results should not be the norm referenced percentile. The focus should be the growth the student has demonstrated from September to April. Our target is for every student to meet their RIT goal for each test. In order for that to happen, students need to do their best, be well rested, and come to school having eaten a healthy breakfast. I look forward to seeing the excellent results!

Mr. Jeremy Thomas
Secondary Principal

Science Competition

Secondary Students!

Do you want to measure your science skills? Do you want to know what you can work on as a scientist?

Here is an opportunity for you to do just that!

The Big Science Competition is out of Australia and allows you to answer questions which test your ability to analyze and evaluate scientific information.

It’s an online test and will be hosted at BAIS and will be given from 4-5pm on Wednesday the 9th of May. If you are interested or if you want more information, talk with Ms. Harsono or Ms. Dickman.

For those who would like to register, you can email to Ms. Harsono your data: name, DOB, grade, parents email, parents phone number, and address. You will need to pay the registration to Ms. Harsono also.

Ms. Jana Dickman

BAIS Piano Concert

May 3, 2018, Thursday
3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Music Room 121



Drama Rehearsal Schedule

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Scenes 1 – 13 Dress Rehearsal – All Cast and Crew

Monday, April 16, 2018 – 4pm to 7pm
Scenes 1 – 6 – All Case and Crew in these scenes

Dorothy in WonderlandTickets for the 2018 BAIS production of Dorothy in Wonderland are on sale before school and after school under the blue covering and in the front office. There are only 100 seats available each night. So buy your tickets early!

Dear Parents and Audience Members,

Please feel free to bring flowers and cards as a sign of congratulations for the cast members performances during Dorothy in Wonderland; however, please do not bring a bouquet with any type of lily, especially Easter lilies, because Ms. LaMertha is asthmatic and highly allergic to lilies. I’m truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Grade 8 Parents

Happy Friday 8th grade parents,

Today during the weekly Counselor/Chaplin Time, Ms. Hall shared about the choices students and parents need to make about the classes they can take in high school.

Make sure to ask your 8th grader about each of the following topics:

There will be an evening parent meeting coming up in early May where all parents of 8th through 11th grade will be invited to learn more about the classes that will be offered next year.

If you have any questions as you and your student start planning classes for their high school years please feel free to email or meet with Ms. Hall – melissahall@baisedu.org

Why We Do What We Do?

The Directors Advisory Council, known as DAC, is a group of parents that have primarily three tasks:

  1. Assist the director by providing local input and advice.
  2. Commit to supporting the Director in being successful in accomplishing the mission and vision of the school.
  3. Communicate with the Home Office in the event there is an issue that cannot be resolved locally.

This important group of people are crucial to the success of the school. The DAC meets monthly with the director to review the finances, discuss upcoming policy changes, and make suggestions based on the feedback from their respective communities. This is not a policy making board, but one of the important points of input when we are creating and or implementing policy.

Athletics & Club News


After School Activities

Elementary Clubs/Activities

Today our Young Tigers will compete in a soccer invitational at CBCS after school!

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information!

Note from the Finance Office

BAIS sent home invoices for the 2018-2019 school year today with your students. Please ask your child for the invoice if they have not given it to you. If you did not receive one, please inform the BAIS Finance team right away so we can get another one out to you.

Just a reminder that the first opportunity to take advantage of the Early Bird discount is coming up soon. The due date for the 5% Early Bird discount is April 27, 2018. Please submit your payment on or before April 27, 2018 to take advantage of the discount.

Please do not hesitate to contact the BAIS finance team at finance@baisedu.org should you have any questions.

Mark Boccaccio


A Honor Roll
Middle School High School
Budijono, Melissa
Chandean, Sherine
Gunaman, Angel
Hallatu, Maelgwyn
Jeong, Hayeon
Jung, Jaeha
Kim, Lydia
Kusmana, Stephanny
Lee, Karen
Lo, Fallon
McCulloch, Talitha
Nielsen, Rachel
Oh, Jeong Won
Park, Eunpyo
Park, Ji Hyeon
Suwandi, Mischka
Tantowi, Clarine
Tanu, Josephine
Tanudjaja, Thaniel
Thomas, Kai
Willson, Tori
Boccaccio, Annelise
Chandean, Valerie
Chun, Bethany
Darmamulia, Daniel
Gunthorpe, Oliver
Hartono, Jessica
Heo, Jang Hun
Hirianto, Jessica
Hirianto, Samantha
Hong, Jun Seon
Jeong, Haram
Jung, Heemin
Kartarahardja, Devlin
Kim, Josiah
Ko, Kevin
Kwon, Gyeong Min
Lee, Dong Jun
Lee, Sung Chun
Lee, Sung Ha
Limandibhratha, Sergio
Lin, Ruizhi
Lukmanjaya, Wilson
Muljadi, Crystal
Nielsen, Emily
Nix, Daniel
Noh, Hamin
Primandaru, Rio
Sastra, Jason
Sastra, Vincent
Seo, Joo In
Shin, Jane
Sinaga, Deo
Sinaga, Kathlyn
Son, Gyu Ha
Sutandi, Lukas
Tanu, Angelia
Tanudjaja, Tivara
Tantowi, Chloe
Tenandar, Jordan
Tjut, Bryan
Walker, Paul
Winesa, Guinevere


B Honor Roll
Middle School High School
Baig, Rayhan
Beintema, Sandor
Hartono, Michael
Nam, SangYun
Purnomo, Moreno
Seo, Minwoo
Sinaga, Odelyn
Squiers, Kadin
Tedjasukmana, Ralf
Woo, Huiso
Astian, Haydn
Beintema, Kirana
Byun, Da Ae
Chandean, Beltra
Gunarian, Edward
Kang, Seon Ho
Kim, Soo Hyun
Ko, Kirstie
Madeline, Jane
Purnomo, Audy
Setiabudi, Clifford
Victoria, Kyla
Wiarta, Fedeline
Widjaya, Ivanna
Yurianto, Emily

Download this issue as PDF: Issue 32: 13 April, 2018 – English

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