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From the Athletic Director’s Desk

Dear Parents and students,

This coming week is the third and final IISSAC event of the 2018-2019 school year. BAIS has 48 student athletes competing in three different IISSAC tournaments from April 26-28. Fifteen students in elementary and secondary will travel to Surabaya for the IISSAC Swim competition. Twenty-two cross country runners and eleven badminton players will be competing in Malang at Wesley International School. I am proud of all the teams representing our school at their designated competitions. I am also grateful to all the parents and teachers who have volunteered to coach this season. The time and effort you have sacrificed for your programs has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

This past season I have been able to run with the cross-country team and help during a couple of practices. I am not their coach – I will leave that to more qualified coaches like Ibu Hani and Mr. Whitehurst, but it has been a blessing to see some of the students in a different light outside of the classroom. This applies to all sports, but I have been reminded of its truth while practicing with the cross-country team: sports reveals a lot about yourself. It is frustrating and sad to see students give up because often times it is representative that the student lacks self-discipline or confidence. Conversely, I have gained a deeper respect and admiration for some of my students after seeing how they perform at practice. I appreciate (from personal experience) how difficult some of the cross-country workouts have been. But I have also seen how some students chose to recognize that adversity in front of them, lower their shoulders, and do their best. It is like each practice is a microcosm of life’s experiences: some days easy, other days hard.

When I was in high school, I used to watch a television show called Boston Public. It was a series about a hypothetical public high school in Boston. The main characters of the show were the teachers and administration at the school. Both my parents were teachers in a public school, so I found a lot of truth and familiarity in the show’s plot. I remember one scene where the principal was encouraging a student and the principal challenged the student by saying, “Whenever you don’t know what to do, choose the hardest thing, because nine times out of ten, that’s the right thing to do.” I do not know why that quote from twenty years ago comes to mind but is often does when I face difficult decisions in my own life. Through my season with the cross-country team and watching many other students this year in their athletic endeavors I have seen students choose the hardest thing. And I respect them for that maturity and dedication.

The third trimester of the year is coming to an end; this school year is coming to an end. It is refreshing to observe the growth of the BAIS students. I do not mean physical growth, that is inevitable for kids. I am in awe at the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth I have seen in many of our students. I have seen an upper classman encourage a younger team member they do not know well, and another challenge a friend to run one extra hill-sprint, and others continue to run when I know they feel like walking. I recognize they are choosing to be better: better runners but also better young men and women. I am grateful God lets me see that.

Justin Powers
Athletics/Activities Director

Athletics & Club News



Each team will leave Thursday, April 25 around 7am. All complete IISSAC payments are due TODAY, April 18.

Transfers can be made to the following account:
CIMB NIAGA Branch : Kota Baru
Acct Name: Yayasan Sekolah Persekutuan Bandung International
Acct # : 800-133-798-100
Note : Student’s name and purpose (Ex. Karl Nielsen’s IISSAC Swim Payment)
*Once the transfer is made, please email the athletic department a copy or photo of the receipt/confirmation: athletics@baisedu.org

After School Clubs and Activities

Reminder for the coming week: During IISSAC Swimming season, the pool is reserved for IISSAC swimmers on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday starting at 3:30 until the pool closes. BAIS community members are welcomed to use the pool facilities on Wednesday and Friday or every day from 2:45-3:30.

Season Three of the after school activities and clubs ends May 3!

Keep your eyes on the BAIS Buzz for updates, changes, and more information! Click on the BAIS Athletic Department’s Facebook PepSquad page for pictures and announcements about IISSAC and after school clubs/activities.

Construction Update – Rukos

Rukos in front of BAIS will begin construction approximately 2 weeks after Idul Fitri. After meeting with officials from Kota Baru, we gave permission for them to build a 6 meter high geo-fabric wall between the construction project and our campus. The purpose of this wall is to protect our campus from the dust, debris, and noise of the project. This wall will be about 1.5 meters into our property for about 4 months and then will be moved to the present location of our front wall.

Campus Development Committee – Help needed

What Should BAIS Build Next? A second sports facility, a kitchen/cafeteria, an auditorium?

If you are interested in reviewing our current campus plan, gather input from our community, and be a part of creating a campus development plan for the next 10 years, please contact me! A campus development plan was created when our current property was purchased back in 2007. I would like a committee of parents to review that plan and see if that is still our best way to move forward in the future. The next 10 years at BAIS will be an exciting 10 years!

Elementary Face the Facts!

Students, start practicing! The Face the Facts finals will be on Tuesday, May 28. Prelims will be the previous week.

We will send home participation permission slips in mid-May, but start practicing now!

Questions? ClarissaRibbens@baisedu.org

MAP Testing Schedule

Parents and students should remember to:

Download the MAP Testing Schedule as a PDF or view it on the web.

Congratulations Jeremy Budijono!

Jeremy Budijono won the Gold Medal and 1st place champion at the Sakamoto World Math Competition in Yangon, Myanmar on April 6, 2019.

He received the gold medal presented by government of Myanmar.


UN Testing Schedule

12National ExamApril 1, 2, 4 & 8Math, Bahasa Indonesia, English, IPA/IPS Option Subject7:30AM – 9:30AMBAIS Computer Lab
Make UpApril 15 – 16
9National ExamApril 22 – 25Math, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Science7:30AM – 9:30AMBAIS Computer Lab
Make UpApril 29-30
6Final ExamsApril 22-24Bahasa Indonesia, Math, Science8.00AM – 10.00AMCBCS
Make UpApril 26, 29, 30

Please contact Ibu Gledya at gledyamelisa@baisedu.org for more detailed information.

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