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BAIS Update

Dear BAIS Community,

As we head into this week-long break, my desire is that we can all get a full recharge before moving into the final five weeks of the school year, which are quite full of activities, reviews, exams, and
programs. Rest is something we often overlook or do not prioritize in a success and results-driven society. We find ourselves filling up every moment of our lives with activities, tasks, and obligations. Is
our busyness getting the best of us?

What does the Bible say about rest? We see in Genesis (2:1-3) that God rested on the seventh day after spending six days creating the world. In Matthew (8:24) we even see that in the midst of a violent storm at sea, Jesus was found sleeping peacefully amid the chaos. God also set aside the seventh day of the week for rest and refreshment, as stated in the ten commandments given to Moses
and the Israelites (Exodus 23:12). While these three examples from the Bible are more commonly known, there are many, many more instances in God’s word where we are pointed towards rest.

So, as we spend time with family and friends this next week, please try to find time for some quality rest and refreshment. It could be closing the laptop and going outside for a walk, going to bed earlier,
or even setting aside work-related tasks for a full day. However it looks for you, remember that the Lord expects and encourages his people to take time for refreshment and rest.

Mr. Cantrall


For those taking AP exams, please consider the traffic between Kota Baru Parahyangan to Bandung. Exams start promptly at 8:00 or 12:00, depending on the exam you registered for. We recommend being in the testing room a full 15 minutes before the start time. Good reminders as you prepare for the exams:

Be sure to check your email for specific details related to your exam.

Fine Arts Department

Peter Pan Drama Cast

Dear BAIS Community,

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic and continuous support of the BAIS drama program. For the fourth production in a row, we’ve sold out every performance! The cast, crew, and directors really appreciate and value the support and encouragement we get from the BAIS community. Working with the BAIS drama community is an absolute blessing for me, but I am looking for someone with theater experience who could step in and direct next year’s production while I focus on writing my doctoral dissertation and completing my doctorate degree. If you would be interested in stepping in and directing the BAIS drama next year or in finding out more information about what this would entail, please contact me at elizabethlamertha@baisedu.org. I will happily meet and discuss this with you. Again, thank you to all the family members, students, faculty & staff, and friends of the BAIS drama community for your unwavering support over the past nine years.

Ms. Beth LaMertha

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