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Lets welcome our new staff members for 2013-2014.

Quamid-GreenHello, My name is Quamid Green. I was born in East Orange, New Jersey, but I grew up in Warrenton, Georgia. I graduated from Warren County High School and enlisted the same year into the U.S. Marines. After spending four years in the Marines and working odd jobs for two years, I went back to school. In 2008 I graduated form Augusta State University with a BA in History and Political Science. Afterward, I taught at Hope Christian Schools of Augusta for three years and Kingdom Learning Academy for two years. When I am not teaching, I enjoy rapping, touring, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Both my love for teaching and my appreciation for experiencing new cultures combine in expectation and appreciation of the opportunity to serve as a History teacher at BAIS


QiFeng-LiHello everyone. My name is Li Qifeng ,I come from Yun Nan China. I graduated from Yun Nan Normal University. I studied for 3 years how to teach the Chinese language to foreigners at Yun Nan, and I also studied 8 months in Thailand. After I graduated in 2008, I had the opportunity to become a teacher in Pei Hua Chinese School in Thailand for one year. I found out there that I really like teaching and enjoyed teaching my students. In 2009, I met my pastor in Thailand and he introduced me to a school in Bandung, the Trimulia Christian School. I wanted to have more international teaching experiences so I moved to Bandung. Since moving here, I like the weather and the people. In 2012, I moved again to teach at the Singapore International School in Bandung. This year I applied to BAIS and luckily, I got hired to work there. My hobbies are singing, watching movies and playing ping pong. I have one brother and one sister. They live and work in China. I am excited to see you all soon at BAIS.


palisuri-resizedHello, I am Becky Palisuri and I am delighted to rejoin the BAIS community and serve in the role as Elementary Principal. I formerly taught second grade and kindergarten at BAIS from 2004-2008. After leaving Indonesia in 2008, I pursued my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and gained more experience in the classroom teaching at charter schools. I am dedicated to guiding students to academic success while inspiring an insatiable passion for lifelong learning. Besides my love for education, I enjoy spending time with my husband Andi and my 14 month old son Maxton (Max). As a family we get excited about traveling, playing together, and discovering the world around us.

Hello, I am Andi Palisuri and I am looking forward to being back at BAIS. Although Indonesia is my home country, I have spent the past 5 years in the United States pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree and gaining experience in the IT world. I am excited about using my skills in computers and other areas to serve at BAIS. My wife Becky and I welcomed our son Max into the world in 2012. Since then I have loved being a dad, and look forward to introducing Max to my family in Indonesia. In my free time I enjoy watching movies and football, playing PS3, snowboarding, and my new hobby photography.

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