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I am a preschool parent, and it is hard! Our little learners need lots of support, play, and interaction, which is so hard to do online. Thankfully our BAIS PreK-Kindergarten teachers, Ms. Lane, Ms. Hays, and Mrs. Squiers are doing all the things to make sure our little learners succeed. Here are some ways that our teachers are adapting their learning online:

  • Zoom calls! There are one on one zoom calls which help provide teacher and student connection (which is really important) and give students specific instruction. There are whole group calls which are a way for students to get to interact with each other and learn social skills. There are also small group zoom calls which allow for more instruction from the teacher. 
  • Packets. Teachers create home learning packets for students to do. These help students be able to learn away from the screen and help keep screen time to a minimum for our young minds! It also gives students writing, coloring, and math practice. They also include hands-on activities for students to do at home. 
  • Apps. Seesaw is an easy app for parents to upload work to, so teachers can assess student’s learning and make adjustments. Kindergarten is using Epic, which is a reading app that includes a huge selection of books, and Scootpad, which helps target specific skills in reading and math. 
  • Love! Our teachers care about each of their students, and it shows in how they are working hard to teach even in these unique times. 

As a parent, I also want to know how I can help support my child. Here are some ideas: 

  • Bedtime. Have a set time your child usually goes to bed. It’s hard when there isn’t a “set” schedule, but good sleep is really important to learning. 
  • Meals/snacks before or after calls. Eating during a call can be distracting and with the shorter “teacher” time that they have, it is better if your child can focus.
  • Be active. Kids love to play and run. COVID hasn’t changed that, so find ways to get your preschoolers outside and running around! Plus it uses up their energy! 
  • Play to learn! Use your child’s play as a way to “teach”–point out colors, list different body parts, count what you are playing with, sort their toys, etc. 
  • Hugs and lots and lots of love! 

We are proud of our parents and our teachers for helping their little learners continue to learn. Keep it up!

– Mrs. Kaylyn Julian

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