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Date: December 10, 2010
Venue: Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

BAIS's 2010 Christmas Concert had, at its very core, the purpose of sharing Christ's birth. It was divided into three sections that included the foretelling of Jesus' birth, praise for His birth, then meditations and celebration for His life. We ended the concert with a note of hope – that the story does not end with Jesus' birth, but rather goes on to see Jesus become the "Hope of the Nations."

The concert featured performances by seven different groups ranging from Kindergarten to high school, as well as a combined ensemble at the end that was assisted by faculty accompanists. The high school drama class also added to the concert by reciting several passages of Scripture in between performances (not seen on the video).

We could not have been more proud of the students' work in preparing for the concert and doing their best the night of the concert. From young to old they showed worshipful hearts. We also appreciated the great parent and community turn-out for the event. We pray that the music and the Spirit of the event were a blessing to all who came.

Mr. Rice and Mr. Lamb

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