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We strongly believe in the importance of arts education here at BAIS and that belief is tied to multiple research studies on the benefits of arts education. We have been blessed with teachers who have created a robust, challenging, and fun art program. Ms. Christensen, our current art teacher, has developed our students in amazing ways and has also leveraged technology to help them develop a voice with their art. Students upload artwork onto either personal sites or class sites and use those sites to reflect and share their work.

What is your favorite thing to teach in art and what is important for students to learn in art?  My favorite thing to teach in art is drawing in perspective. The most important thing students learn is the idea that they can learn how to do anything, as long as they are willing to put in the work. -Ms. Christensen 

What is your favorite art project you have done at BAIS? 

My favorite art project so far is painting with watercolor because I got to learn many techniques I had never heard of before such as using salt, blowing the paint while it was wet, and painting over a painted area with a dry brush technique. –Bryan (11th grade student)

My favorite art project I have done at BAIS is the global problem awareness project. We had to choose an artist that we will imitate his/her style and collaborate it with the thematic idea about global problems that we want to discuss with the public through our artworks. I loved this art project because I could explore my ideas by imitating an artist’s style, and this project pushed and developed my artistic skills. – Jinny (9th grade student)

Why is art important to you personally? 

Art is very important to me. Period. Simply put, it is a way for me to express myself. But it’s more than that. I enjoy it. I have a passion for it. I would and could stay up all night to work on a piece. It’s provocative, creative, and inspirational. From a young age, I grew up going to museums. At first, it was a drag to follow my parents along to see old paintings by old people hung up on walls of new buildings that just made them look old. Even the modern art looked unappealing to me. I think I was in second grade when I suddenly started to grow a love for going to museums. All the details, all the thoughts that came into my head as I stopped and looked at the painting for a minute or two or maybe ten, everything started to come to me as I appreciated art. If I had to shorten why art is important to me, I would say, “Art is some sort of a quid pro quo. What you give art is up to you.” –Lydia Kim (10th grade student)

Art lets me puts down ideas onto the canvas or wherever I am expressing creativity. Art also helps me to relieve stress because of how I focus on expressing my creativity/feelings onto the paper. –Bryan (11th grade student)

How have you grown as an artist? 

One way I have grown is just looking at different artists. Some concept and environment artists and illustrators I enjoy following are Martin Deschambault, Jakub Rozalski, and Leon Tukker. Two mural artists I enjoy are Kiptoe (viewer discretion is advised for a few pieces) and Ten Hundred. Another way I have grown is making art friends. I have found several artists from around the world who I have become friends with. We enjoy talking about art and even life. It is motivating to have friends so that we can brew ideas off of each other and use them to create art when we’re feeling low in the sparking-creativity department. Feedback. It’s a big part of art. Asking others what they think and what you should tweak is big. I get feedback from my parents who are both artists and from my artist friends. Feedback helps you improve. If you think of feedback as something negative, then you’ve got it all wrong. Feedback helps you improve and helps you see things you haven’t seen before. -Lydia Kim (10th grade student)

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