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Ji Won Kim

Ji Won (Beast) Kim

Content Manager

I enjoyed re-designing and updating the school website. It was exciting to learn how quickly the contents of the website changed with a click of a mouse. Also, I had fun walking around school, taking photos for the new website. Through this experience, I learned about the importance of links, the general structure of HTML, and WordPress. It’s great to finally see the end-product of our work!

Catherine Shin

Minjung (Chicken) Shin

Art Director

I had a fruitful time being in the Website design class of 2013. As an art director, I learned how to use Photoshop to edit and make the quality of pictures good enough to be posted on the website. I had a lot of fun changing and re-designing some parts of the websites. By working with other three students, we build a good interpersonal relationship with cooperation. It was a really worthwhile experience that I would want to have again.

Na Yen So | Project Manager

Na Yen (Cow) So

Project Manager

Website Design class was a lot of fun. It was fun looking at the progression we made, structuring the webpage of BAIS. I enjoyed being the project manager. I’ve encountered new things in dealing with website related things. I liked the class.

Na Yen So | Project Manager

Sung Won (Andy the Dolphin) Kang

Tech Lead | HTML/CSS Guru

My job was a HTML guru, site editor. I worked on HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript to create and to develop the web site. It was first time creating a web site for me. It was hard, but with my classmates and Mr. Amu’s help, I worked through the challenges. I really had fun in web-design class throughout the year. I hope people will enjoy our web site that we created for two years.

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